Saturday, 27 September 2014

5 things i LOVE about winter fashion

Well, technically it's Autumn, but in my eyes any weather that makes me need to wear anything more than a cami is classed as winter.

I am SICK to my back teeth of laying eyes on the gruesome unkempt toenails of the general public. If you are going to wear sandals then at least trim your toenails ffs. And that isn't even the tip of the iceberg, the list goes on: hairy toes, dead dry skin forming an  unsightly crust around the back of your heel, chipped nail polish, fake tan disasters (proud to say I once fell into this category but no more!)
At the top of my wish list this year are a pair of heeled thigh high boots. I have seen them on quite a few girls during my daily insta-stalking, but I am yet to even try a pair on! Luckily I work in a shopping mall so this month I shall be dedicating a full day to trawling round all my favourite shoe stores in search of the perfect pair.

2. (Faux) FUR.

I am such a sucker for anything textured, in particular fur! Since I collected my first piece three years ago - I say collected because I actually found it in lost property at work! It was a beautiful fur collar from H&M and I had been wanting one for aaaaages but just never knew where to buy one! Anyway my manager said I could have it if nobody claimed it in two weeks and voila! Here it is hanging in my wardrobe. I wear it with so many things and always get complimented on it, but only very few know the story of how I actually came into owning it. But now the world knows I am a pikey. Great.

Since then I have found ANOTHER in lost property!!!!! The funny thing is I am not even joking either! It's the exact same but a beautiful pastel yellowy colour. I also own two fur coats and a marabou feather gilet which I have recently blogged about. I kind of bought my fur coats on a whim because I saw them being auctioned at a bargain price on eBay but they actually look quite cheap. I think I am going to sell them and put the money towards one I actually like. FAUX of course.


Can O.P do ANY wrong?!
In the past year or so when I have started to become more and more interested in fashion I have noticed how layering makes such a difference to an outfit! It kind of reminds me of one of those russian dolls, every time you remove a layer you look like you are wearing a complete different outfit. Take my gal Olivia Palermo for example. If there was one celebrities wardrobe who I could raid it would most definitely be hers.

4. LAYERING. (see pic)

Me when my alarm goes off any earlier than 8am
This can also be flipped in your favour, if you are having a mind blank whilst getting dressed in the AM, or you purely just CBA making an effort with your outfit just throw a jumper/coat/gilet/oversized card on and nobody has to know!

Me on my summer holidays
I LOVE the colour black. It's slimming, it always looks classy, it makes me look more tanned and it makes my hair look blonder. What more could I ask for! And when the days start getting darker and the nights get longer, I no longer look like a member of the Addams family parading around Sheffield in 30 degree heat looking like I am en route to my own funeral.

What does everyone else love about A/W fashion?
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