Monday, 18 August 2014


Since I have bought so many new clothes recently where better place to debut them than...WORK! sounds depressing to most people but when I work in an environment where I am inspired by the way all my colleagues dress you can't help but to show off a little too!
Sorry I don't have a professional photographer like all my fave bloggers do! :( WHERE do they get them from btw?! Do they hire some willing photographer for a couple of hours a day or so they just have an incredibly patient family member willing to help a sista out? 
ANYWAY I finally bought a full length mirror for the flat (best thing iv bought so far!) so my full length mirror selfless will have to do for now until I manage to train Ryan. 

May as well get the most boring outfit of the century out the way first! Here I am wearing the 'Leigh' jeans from Topshop teamed with their version of the almighty Birkenstocks (love them or hate them) I must admit when I first bought a pair online I returned them ASAP but after seeing a few of my fave celebs rocking them I decided to re-purchase, and now look at me…practically living in them!

I managed to snag this little beauty in the sale! It was reduced from £42 to £20 and there was only ONE in stock in a size 10 so it was obviously fate! I must admit that the long shift dress style isn't really 'me' and I did feel like a Suffragette the first time I wore it but I just could not resist that beautiful floral print! I wore it with little frilly socks and my patent loafers.

Heres a little close up of the print (AKA shameless selfie)

I waited my whollllleeeee shift to try on this outfit! It had just been put onto a mannequin at the front of the store and I fell in love as soon as I laid eyes on it! Obviously I wouldn't be wearing the fur gilet till next month at least (I hope) but I was thinking it would be a great investment for the future winter months. ANYWAY as soon as the clock struck 6pm I raced to the fitting rooms just to discover I looked terrible! Tapered leg trousers just do not suit my figure so my body looked all out of proportion :( Nevertheless I will still be going back for the gilet it is just too beaut to resist!

This tee is actually maternity! I initially bought it for my mum (She isn't pregnant btw, I just thought it would be nice for a PJ top or something) but when I left work it was absolutely pouring with rain and I didn't wanna ruin my beautiful fringed kimono so I put this on instead! I think it looks quite cute :)

Interview day! I had actually forgotten the position I was being interviewed for (lol) so I decided to wear something slightly professional looking but not TOO overdone. I wore tapered leg trousers from River Island, a Topshop white roll neck top with my blazer draped over my shoulders (soz about me)

A little Alexander Wang never hurt nobody…! I wish. My shirt is actually Zara and my leather shorts are H&M.

The Snakeprint tunic! Literally everybody at work has bought this because it is such a dream! One of the downsides of working in such a big store..there is bound to be somebody else wearing it at the same time as you. Again I am wearing it with my leather shorts and Birks. I also wore it at the weekend when Ryan and I went to Liverpool to go for dinner with his Dad, I wore it with ripped Topshop 'Jamie' jeans and my chunky black 'Lay' sandals.

This Topshop playsuit is currently (annoyingly) only available in the Petite section but nevertheless I bought it anyway. I got a 10 and it doesn't seem any shorter than a playsuit I would have bought from the 'normal' range which is ideal!  I am wearing it with my drapey kimono style cardigan from River Island.

I LOVE neoprene. In fact I love all types of textured fabric so this dress is right up my street! It mixes elements of sports luxe and monochrome and is so versatile I wear it for work all the time as well as wearing it out on date night with Ryan (pictured). I even strayed away from my usual nude lip on this night and decided to opt for 'morange' by MAC to add a little colour to my all white everythanggg outfit.

Has anyone else started A/W shopping yet?
PS let me know if you enjoyed this post and I will try and do more OOTD's!


  1. i loved this post clauds, you've made me want birkinstocks so bad now haha !! xx

    1. Haha I love them! I'm actually wearing this as I type this post as well :| #superglued! Xxx