Monday, 28 July 2014

new job= new wardrobe.

SO. Last month I started my new job at Topshop and since then my bank balance has rapidly decreased however (and much to Ryan's disapproval) my wardrobe has probably just about tripled in size which is just heaven! I work on different trends every day so I am constantly discovering hidden gems which I just have to purchase. White is huge right now and by the looks of the blog post its pretty obvious I am a fan! Anyway, here are some treats I have bought in the last month.

I saw a white waistcoat on the Mango website a few weeks ago but it went into sale and sold out before I managed to get my hands on it, so I was pleasantly surprised when I found this little bargain on the misguided website at just £24.99.

I noticed this unusual little number when I was buying the waistcoat. It has a sheer panel across the chest which I loveeee! (£24.99)

…In fact I love it so much I wore it out that night! I teamed it with a tight leather mini skirt, my white Zara bag (which I stupidly managed to burn a huge hole in that night!) And my favourite Kurt Geigers.

The famous eyelash bra let! (RRP £22) I know every girl and her mother owns this but I just couldn't help but reserve myself one when they came back into stock.

Let me just say the picture does not do this jumpsuit justice AT all! Its by a brand called Solace and I bought it from the ASOS sale. It was £85 down to £45 and there was one left in my size so it was just meant to be. Its backless which is what did it for me! Im gonna force Ryan to take me out for dinner this week so I can wear it and take lots of photos.

White peg leg trousers from Topshop (RRP £40) I fell in love with these as soon as I spotted them and when I tried them on the size 10 was TOO BIG! I almost fainted before I could get to the till and buy them! *Hallelujah*

I had been lusting after this fishnet bralet for a while, and one day when I was marking down some sale shoes I scanned it and it had gone down from £22 to £10! Again, it was fate. (I can definitely see this happening a little too often!)

My baby! I love doing classes at the gym but as a massive calorie counter I always want to know how many I burn in each class. I had read a few decent reviews on the Polar ft40 so I bought one off eBay for £40 and I obsessed! Even though its probably the ugliest watch in existence I have become surgically attached to it and now my calorie counting has significantly escalated. Brilliant!

My first 'uniform' purchase! These bad boys are called 'Lay' and they are currently in store for £58. I won't say how much I paid…*smug face*

I have always wanted a cute little short suit and when this two-piece went into sale I thought why the hell not! It was down to £40 from £95. It's light green and tweed and make me feel like Cher from Clueless. As IF!

I love the fit of these slouchy Topshop vests. (RRP £10) Since taking this photo about three days ago I have also bought the white version too! The statement necklace, (also Topshop-£22.50) is perfect to throw on over something plain to give it a little somethin' somethin'.

Topshops version of the almighty Birkenstock. £26 each.

I wish I hadn't used a filter on this so you could see how beautiful the colours are! It was my second uniform purchase and currently retails at £65.

Neoprene dress from Topshop- £36. Perfect for the hot weather we are currently having!

White 'Mom' shorts from Topshop- £30.

This is the first year I haven't had a holiday booked so I guess this is my way of making myself feel a little less depressed.
Has anyone else been overindulging in a new summer wardrobe recently? 


  1. I'd be exactly the same if I worked in Topshop!! Love that waist coat

    Salt and Chic // UK Fashion Blog

  2. the staff store card is dangerous isn't it 🙈