Saturday, 26 July 2014

JUICETOU: My 3-day detox!

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you will know about how crazy busy I have been over the last month! I finished Uni (finally!) moved into a new place with my incredible boyfriend, and started my new job at Topshop.
Since Ryan is so obsessed with nutrition and fitness I would say I've been eating pretty healthy. We have treat night once a week and we go to the gym almost every day. Even if I just do a class I just like to fit some sort of physical activity into my day. Howeverrrrr I have one huge downfall when it comes to dieting… I am a serial snacker! I just can't help opening the fridge/cupboard door and picking at whatever is inside, and it doesn't help that our lounge and kitchen are the same room. I also have discovered a new found love for dates and peanut butter…both which contain hideous amount of calories!!!!!
SO, I will get to the point of this blog post. I recently got the opportunity to try out a 3 day detox from JuicetoU I couldn't wait!

The 3 day detox claims to:
  • aid weight loss
  • improve energy levels and feel less sluggish
  • gain greater vitality, mental clarity and concentration
  • can improve complexion
  • healthy hair and nails
  • stronger immune system
  • boost your metabolism
  • change of mentality towards nutrition
They also offer a 5 day detox but as a food lover I thought I had better test the waters out with a 3 day course to see how I got on.

The detox arrives in a box packed with ice and two complimentary lemons which can be sliced and added to hot water as a metabolism boosting drink. Each bottle is clearly labelled with its ingredients and the time of day you drink it. There are three flavours, Clean Green, Let's Glow and Berry Good. I read that Clean Green is a very 'acquired' lets say, taste, so I was a little apprehensive about having to drink two of those a day, but I love making my own green smoothies with spinach and celery so it can't be too bad.
Absolutely NO food is to be consumed during the three days, and they suggest a minimum of 2.5 litres of water per day.

I woke up really excited to try my first detox drink. Even though the plan suggests no exercise (due to energy levels feeling low which is pretty much expected when you aren't eating for three days!) but I couldn't miss Body Attack I am obsessed! As expected, it didn't taste too great, but I blended it with ice and it was refreshing especially in this heat. When I got home it was already time to have drink number 2- Let's Glow. This drink is to 'cleanse my digestive system and cleanse my skin' and tasted a LOT better than Clean Green! I started to feel a little peckish after this one but the plan says no green tea as it contains caffeine, so I picked up some fruit flavour teas on my way home and had one of those. Drink number three was 'Clean Green' again…great! But my last drink of the day- 'Berry Good' more than made up for it, delicious!

Day 2 was a lot harder than day 1 purely because I was working a dreaded 5-10 shift at work. It's the worst type of shift because you don't get a break and we all have to spend the last hour cleaning and resetting the store…AKA picking up sale clothes off the floor for an hour. Absolutely soul destroying! Anyway I managed to fit my juices around this and at least by the time I got home I was knackered and just went straight to sleep.

Today I had a full day at work from 10-6 so I made sure I packed a gazillion fruit teas and drank about 5L of water for my lunch break to try and tell myself I was full! It KILLED me having to sit in the staff room surrounded by everyones delicious looking lunches but I powered through! By the time I got home I was kind of past the point of hunger, so strange because I thought by this point I would be wanting to eat my boyfriend or anything else that I laid eyes on but I was actually alright! I woke up the next day and had 50g oats with water topped with frozen berries and a drizzle of agave honey. It comes in at about 250 calories and filled a nice little gap in my stomach and wasn't too much of a shock to my system after consuming no food at all for 72 hours. I had soup for lunch and a nice protein filled dinner of  fish, eggs and broccoli. (Just in case anyone was wondering lollll)

The part everyone was waiting for! Okay first things first- weight loss. Overall I lost 5 pounds which is obviously a huge bonus! I was tempted to post before and after photos but I just can't bring myself to do it yet, sorry! My bloated stomach has also vanished and I feel a lot healthier. I would recommend a juice detox to anyone feeling a little sluggish after a few weeks of slightly falling off the health wagon and wanting to get back on track, or just for anyone looking for motivation! It has definitely taught me a lot about myself, my willpower for a start which I didn't know even existed!

Has anyone else tried a detox? Did it work?
Ps anyone wanting to try the detox all info can be found at