Thursday, 12 June 2014


I am finally a graduate! After four years of university I now NEVER have to write another essay or take another exam in my entire life! Even though I am going to miss living the student dream I think I am ready to take the next step in my life and get myself a big girl job. I have all my fingers and toes and every other possible body part crossed to get on a graduate scheme for retail management, I am through to the fourth interview stage and it is safe to say I am nervous as F! But for the time being I have managed to bag myself a full time job at Topshop, and I am moving in with my boyfriend in three weeks. June is such an exciting month!

Moving on to the point of this blog post! Even though I have been the ripe old age of 22 for almost a month now, I thought I had better update you all on my birthday week! 

Ryan took me to Leeds and we stayed in a beautiful 4* hotel. It was so nice to get out of Sheffield for a night and I haven't been to Leeds for over a year so it was a nice change. We went to the Blackhouse for dinner and then to the Alchemist for drinks. I have heard so much about the Alchemist and have wanted to visit for so long so it was nice to finally experience it. 

My hot date for the evening!

I arrived home the next day to champagne and treats from my housemates! Kelly bought me a little hamper full of all my favourite things and Emily bought me a ticket to Bonobo and Shadowchild at the Tuesday Club which I was absolutely buzzing about!

A new restaurant has just opened near our flat so my friends and I went there for dinner and drinks on Saturday night. Here I am with a wine glass as big as my head! (The dream!)

I am such a bore whenever I eat out because I always order a chicken ceaser salad! It was delicious though.

Quick change before we went out that night and things got extremeeeeeely messy! I love the mix of prints in this outfit. Both shorts and tee are from Zara.

My housemates and I! I can't believe our year is almost over, I can't put into words how much I am going to miss them.

The next morning I got the train home to continue the birthday celebrations at my parents house. I was hungover as F so I was lucky it was such a sunny day so I could wear my sunglasses to hide my face. Drape top- Topshop, leather shorts- H&M, Sandals- River Island.

Birthday treats number 2894732842!

For once I strayed from my usual salad obsession and ordered steak at my family birthday meal, so filter needed on this bad boy!


And now the best part, my presents! Of course I didn't get my pug, but I will continue to ask for one every year! I did get some things off my wishlist though, the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick, Chanel bronzer and Benefit Brow-zings. My parents gave me mostly money 'to save' (yeah, right) and a few other little treats...

How amazing are these! It took me a while before I managed to find a pair of chunky sandals that I was a fan of, now I never want to take them off!

iPad 4. I had an iPad 2 before but it was starting to get a little slow so my parents bought me a new one.

I think you can see me from space when I wear these! Ryan bought me them :o) Now if this isn't an excuse to get myself to the gym then I don't know what is!


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  1. Happy belated birthday, looks like you had an amazing time!