Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Is it just me who prefers online shopping than actually going into a store? The closest shopping mall to me in Sheffield is Meadowhall, and I honestly couldn't think of a more hellish place to spend my time! As soon as I step foot in the place I just can't wait to leave. There's either nothing nice in any of the shops, or it's all sold out, and not to mention Zara literally stocks about three items of clothing it is the WORST. Anyway, I buy so much stuff online I forget what I have even ordered so when it arrives it's like a little gift from Me, to Me!
Finally got my hands on this little beauty this week. I was like an excited little puppy when it arrived and I ripped open the box just for my boyfriend to pull a face and tell me it looks 'tacky'. I nearly drop kicked him down the stairs!!!!!!! Little shit.
A couple of my new purchases from ASOS. The snake print shoes are an absolute dream and teamed with the distressed black denim I felt very Khloe Kardashian! They were only £35. Such a shame the shoes are loose round my ankles even on the tightest buckle which makes it slightly difficult to walk but I am willing to pay the price. There is no WAY I am returning my pretty pointy python pumps!

Had a little photoshoot on my stairs to try and show off my outfit but perhaps I should have checked my make-up first as I looked revolting in every snap so I have been forced to replace my head with a kitty. Me-ow.
Has anyone else been shopping on ASOS recently? I have another order coming this week - I will be sure to post about it!


  1. The cat head made me laugh so loud! You have such a nice style, I would love to see your other order when it gets here. <3


  2. This outfit is so gorgeous! I love the shoes and jeans - the cat head makes a good accessory! x