Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Birthday wishlist!

I don't know about you, but im feelin TWENTY-TWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Well, almost. It is my birthday on May 16th, and I have to say I've really struggled to make my birthday list this year. It sounds cheesy but I can honestly say I have everything I want right now! Having two jobs definitley has its perks, I never have to wait until payday to buy anything, if I want it I will get it there and then. Which consequently makes me the hardest person to buy presents for! After a bit of thought, and a lot of scowering the internet on my iPad I have managed to come up with a small selection of things I would love to recieve. As they are all pretty pricey, I know I wont get them all, but I am hoping for at least one or two. I have been a good girl this year, I promise!

Miu Miu Octagonal Acetate Framed Sunglasses. John Lewis, £225
I think I first saw these on Binky from Made in Chelsea a few months ago, and since then they have been cropping up on various celebrities, and my craving for them has gone through the roof. I think everyone need a good pair of sunnies, plus they are practical as well as fashionable!

Christian Louboutin nude Pigalle's. Net-a-Porter, starting from £395
I actually can't find the pair of Loub's I want anywhere! I want the nude Pigalle with a 140mm heel, so I think I will have to put these on a bit of a back burner until I manage to track down the pair I want. Hopefully I will have a big girl job by then so I won't be too affected by the price! (Yeah, right!)

Soleil Tan De Chanel. House of Fraser, £32
I am running low on this so I thought it would be nice to get for my birthday and save me buying it myself.

Benefit Brow-zings in Medium. House of Fraser, £24.50
I actually bought this today but had already made the polyvore collage so I thought I would include it anyway! But this is by far my favourite brow set and will keep re-purchasing for the foreseeable future.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer brick in Apricot. John Lewis, £32
I have lusted after shimmer bricks for as long as I can remember! The colours are glorious and especially with Summer on it's way I think it would look perfect against a nice golden tan.

Nike Free Runs. JD Sports, Prices vary.
I love these illuminous pink Free Runs! I can only find them on eBay though, and wouldn't want to buy them from there as there are so many fakes knocking about! I'll have to wait until these come back into stock or just decide on another colour. They would be perfect for my current gym motivation.

Louis Vuitton Speedy 35. Louis Vuitton, £565
A timeless piece which I know will last me for years and years, but I know I am being very optimistic by including this on my birthday wishlist. I was contemplating asking my parents for money for my birthday and putting it towards buying myself a Louis but I think I'll wait until I'm more financially stable and not a dossy little student anymore!

And last but not least....a Pug! I have been asking for a baby black Pug called Bean for every birthday and Christmas for as long as I can remember now. I know I won't get one but I always ask anyway! I can't wait for the day somebody actually buys me one, I will probably stop breathing!


  1. Loubs and a pug, what more does a girl need?! Love these picks xx