Monday, 28 April 2014

ALL WHITE EVERYTHANG. (..and other recent purchases!)

I am absolutley infatuated with white clothing at the moment, in particular textured white clothing. Anything denim, neoprene, scuba, silk, you name it I'm a fan. Now that I have come to the last month of my university career, and as per have left all my work to the last minute, I am spending a large part of my time in the library. However, it has proved to be impossible to even open up a word document without spending at least an hour trawling through my favourite websites. Therefore my wardrobe has basically tripled in size, so at least if I fail uni I can look good whilst doing so. (Just kidding Mum!)
Here are a few(!) of my recent purchases from the last week or two.

WHITE WHITE WHITE! I finally got my hands on a pair of white jeans. These are 'Joni' jeans from Topshop. I am so conscious of my legs looking like tree trunks in these but I think with the right outfit they will look glorious. (AKA a large multi-coloured flashing Christmas tree on my head to distract everybody). Jokes. I will be sure to post an outfit photo when I decide to wear them and you can all tell me how nice and skinny I look. I also bought the 'deep-V' bralet from Topshop (£18) and the white cut-off shorts were only £5.99 from H&M.

I love this peplum top. The leather trim and the neckline just ooze glamour and I can't wait to wear it on date night with my boyfriend later on this week! I'm unsure about the colour of the playsuit. I love the style (I already own the same but in a dark oriental floral print) but I need to try it on with accessories and the right shoes before I consider returning it. The top was £28 and the playsuit was £48, both from Topshop.

This nude little two-piece is from Missguided and I think it was only about £30 for the set. I love the colour and think it will look a dream with a nice tan and some gold jewellery.
The hanger doesnt do it justice so I thought I should provide a quick little outfit post!

Apologies for the crinkled shirt, but at the ripe old age of 21 I still don't know how to use an iron. I like crisp (when ironed) blue or white shirts teamed with some oversized sunglasses and distressed denim in the Summer, it reminds me of Alexa Chung or Nicole Richie or someone else who constantly looks effortlessly cool. The shirt was from Zara and it was £19.99. This kitted crop looks cute with the white denim shorts on the above photo, or I think it would look nice with my high waisted boyfriend jeans. It's from Missguided.

Has anyone else been to browse the new Conscious Collection yet? I work across the street from H&M so it was impossible for me not to venture inside and check it out. I ended up caving and buying this little camisole top. The colour is a rich bronze and is going to look incredible with a tan! I can't wait to team it with some chunky tribal gold jewellery. RRP £12.99. This broderie lace top is from Topshop and looks adorable on! It has an open back, and I think it would be perfect for a little trip to the beer garden when they weather decides to warm up a little.

DUN.DUN..DUNNNNNN! Have I comitted the ultimate fashion crime when purchasing a pair of Birkenstocks? You either love them or you hate them, and after opening the box when they arrived through my letterbox this morning it took me 0.5 seconds to come to the conclusion that...I hate them. They are being returned first thing in the morning!
Can I pitch an idea to all online shops that from this day onwards all clothing items bought online MUST arrive on a coathanger? This is me trying to decide what to wear on post day.
Has anyone else been shopping online recently? How is it that all my favourite shops are brimming with little gems a month before I move into my new flat? Maybe I should ring my landlord and ask him to start building my walk-in wardrobe now...

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