Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Review: Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan

As a self-confessed tanorexic, I couldn't wait to get my hands on one of the most talked about tans on the blogosphere, Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan.
I must admit, I have been addicted to (hand over eyes) St Moritz for the past year. But in my defence I am still a student, and I apply it almost every day so I can't really afford to be buying two bottles of St Tropez every week at £30 a pop. Agreed it isn't the best tan i have used, but when applied correctly it still works a treat. (Bar the odd exception where my legs have gradually started turning green throughout the night.)
Introducing Cocoa Brown! Superdrug recently started to stock the brand so I picked up a bottle of the 1 hour tan on my way to work last week. Promising to leave your skin 'brown not orange' I couldn't wait to test drive it that evening.

I always opt for mousses over lotions and gels, as I find them much easier to apply, and this was no exception. It automatically gives you a slight tan, so you can see which parts of your body you have already covered, and this develops in just ONE hour. The instructions say to leave for up to three hours then wash off, but typical Me decided to sleep in it overnight to give myself a 'slight' boost!

I took this photo about an hour after applying. You can already see the colour is a beautiful deep tan and there is none of that horrible biscuit-y fake tan smell either which is a huge advantage too.  The mousse dries quickly and is non-sticky so I didnt have to wait long in between each layer, no more "hairdrying my body!" (That was the shameless Sorority Girl in me speaking.)
And the result! I stayed a nice dark brown for about three days after I washed it off, then I applied another layer. However that is purely because of my obsession with being dark dark brown, I would suggest a person looking for a nice natural tan would stay the desired colour for 5-7 days, as stated on the website.
Finally I have found my perfect tan. Cocoa Brown ticks all the right boxes. It is easy to apply, smells neutral, lasts up to five days, gives me a sun kissed tan as opposed to glowing orange, and at £7.99 a bottle, is extremely purse friendly. I can honestly say I will never be purchasing another brand again!

Monday, 7 April 2014

HAUL: Topshop/H&M/Estee Lauder/BHS

I am so happy to have recorded my second video. After the positive response from my 'what's in my bag' post I couldn't wait to film another, but with all my deadlines being due in around now it's been a struggle to find time. I really enjoy reading about what other people have been buying so I decided to record a 'haul' of what I bought when I went shopping last week. I was supposed to upload this on Wednesday but I went home from Thursday-Sunday and my brother wouldn't let me borrow his laptop because I have the world's worst track record for breaking laptops, so I had to wait until now which is annoying, but anyway here it is, please feel free to comment and let me know what you think!