Monday, 17 March 2014

Review: NEW Revlon Colorburst lip balms

This week I was lucky enough to receive the entire collection of the new Revlon Colorburst lip balms. The collection consists of five matte crayons, and five with a lacquered effect, with colours ranging from soft nude, through to a smooth, velvety red. 

L-R: Lacquer balms in Provocateur, Vivacious, Whimsical, Coquette, Demure
Matte balms in Striking, Showy, Elusive, Audacious and Complex
Having only just grown out the the dreaded 'foundation lips' stage recently, I have always been a huge advocate for a nude lip. I think it just looks effortless and stops me from looking too overdone on a night out, especially when I go to town on a dark black smokey eye. I have been wearing MAC Honeylove and Creme D'Nude for the past few years. Honeylove has a matte finish so I usually wear that by itself, but sometimes slick Creme D'Nude over the for a more glossy finish, without straying too far from my beloved nude lip. 

The Colorburst collection includes a nude matte crayon named 'Complex', aswell as a nude lacquer finish balm named Demure, so I couldn't wait to try them out and compare them to my treasured MAC favorites!

From past experience, I have always found matte balms and lipsticks to be quite drying on the lip, and find the colour doesn't last all day without my having the slick on some Vaseline or gloss over the top to prevent my lips from crumbling off my face, especially in the cold Winter climates. This range of matte balms promises 'A Matte finish that’s beyond plush. Balm that’s beyond comforting.'

The crayon prevents getting my fingers messy, and makes for a simple, easy application, coating the entire lip, and as well as providing a beautiful, rich long lasting colour. The balm made my lips feel moisturised, and even though I was out all day I only felt the need to reapply once or twice. (Probably due to the fact I subconsciously constantly reapply my makeup all day, even when I don't need to!)

'Coquette' mixed with 'Complex'

As for the lacquers, the vibrant colours provide a high shine effect and look amazing worn alone, or layered over the matte balms to create a fuller lip. By layering different combinations of matte and lacquers it is so easy to create new colours! 'Coquette' and 'Complex' create a soft shimmery baby pink which I thought was perfect for a subtle daytime gloss.

Wearing 'Complex' with 'Demure' for a glossy nude finish
Overall, I was pleasantly surprised to have finally found a matte lip balm that moisturises as well as providing me with my trademark nude lip. The Revlon Colorburst balms do exactly what they say on the tin, and I can't wait to try out the shocking pink and coral shades for when I am feeling a little more adventurous.
- Not to mention the price tag. Each Colorburst balm retails at £7.99, a snip of the price of MAC lipsticks, which have recently increased in price to a whopping £15 each! Can anyone else remember back in the good old days when they were £10.50?


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