Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Valentines day!

Horrendous amounts of Girlfriend points awarded to me this year for my rather extravagant Valentines Day present! After being a Singleton for the past few years I think I got a little bit overexcited at the thought of getting a V-day card from somebody other than my Mum and Dad, so I went all out and took my Boyfriend on a little romantic getaway to Amsterdam! We flew out on Feb 11th and came back on the 14th. After initially booking the flights from Southend Airport by mistake (how I did that by mistake is literally beyond me), so after almost having a mental breakdown on the phone to EasyJet, my Mum, as usual, saved the day and managed to change the flights to Manchester, and luckily that was the only hiccup in my Valentines plans.

The hotel I had booked was called N H Schiller, a four star hotel slap bang in the centre of Amsterdam. the hotel itself is situated in a popular nightspot, so numerous bars, coffee shops and restaurants were right on our doorstep which was ideal! And the red light district, shopping district etc were all in walking distance, so it was nice to wake up and go for an explore on foot, without the hassle of having to get cabs everywhere. Especially after seeing all three Hostel films.. I didn't fancy waking up strapped to a chair with someone blow-torching my eyeball out of it's socket.

We arrived in the evening so of course this was the first port of call! When in Rome..

The Amsterdam Ice Bar was listed in all the tourist leaflets so we decided to visit. It was only about 15 each, but it was quite disappointing. The 'bar' itself is tiny, and you arent allowed to take photos inside, as they had a 'photographer' (one of the employee's) that went round and took ONE photo of each couple/group of friends, and you had the opportunity to buy it at the end. Our photo was so poor that I didn't even bother looking for it on the screen when we came out. The ticket includes 2 drinks which you are served in a glass made from ice. However, when Ryan asked if they did vodka and coke the woman serving looked at him like he had just asked for a bottle of Cristal! Apparantly the choices were either Heineken, or a shot of Jaegermeister or Apple Sours. We both opted for a Heineken, despite me not being a fan of beer at all. We didnt even stay the whole 45 minutes as it was unbearably cold even though we were wearing the insulated cape and gloves! It was nice to experience an ice bar, but I wouldnt recommend it.

Anne Frank's house was such a harrowing experience! Everyone walking round the house was in absolute silence because there is so much to take it. There are little quotes from the diary printed on the walls, and the actual bookcase used to conseal the Annexe from the rest of the house is still intact! I couldnt get my head round it being the real house that Anne and her family stayed in. And at the end it has photo's of all 8 people who were in hiding and how they died, which is so overwhelming and sad. again, you couldn't take photos, because the camerca flash damages the pages of the diary. If any of my blog readers are planning on visiting Amsterdam then make sure you visit! the price is 9 for an adult and the tour takes about 45 minutes. 

Another little eye-opener. Magic mushrooms on sale everywhere! After reading about the effects of a 'bad trip' funnily enough I wasnt inclined to try them!

I think we are at the Royal Palace of Amsterdam here! It is a huge square near the shopping district surrounded by grand looking buildings so we thought we had better take a photo to attempt to make ourselves look remotely cultured, and that we didnt spend all our time in coffee shops!

And last but now least....the red light district. I spent the eve of Valentines Day watching a live sex show with my Boyfriend! Romantic, I know. Out of all the theatres to go and see live sex, Casa Rosso is the most well-known, so we decided to pay a visit. It was probably one of the strangest experiences of my life but the little creeper inside me would definatley recommend! I mean, you can't go the erotic capital of the world and not have a littls snoop can you! I would definatley say it is more seedy than sexy, but I can guarentee the hundreds of middle-age men disappearing into the numerous doorways down the street would disagree!

Has anyone else visited Amsterdam? What did you think?

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  1. Aww sounds like such a fun trip!! Think I definitely need to get the boyf to book us a little getaway to Amsterdam now ha :-)