Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Rocking the smock! (well, attempting.)

Looking back on photos of my style from a couple of years ago absolutely horrifies me. Wearing leggings as trousers almost every day, alternating them with either a black body-con skirt with hideous cobweb-esque lace tights, or ...wait for it....a velour tracksuit. Which embarrassingly I still own... and occasionally still even wear. (Just around the house, might I add.) Nowadays I tend to stick to jeans/trousers in the daytime. Obviously not the same pair every day, I must own about 15 pairs of 'bottoms', but recently I have been tempted to stray out into unknown territory...daytime dresses. One of the current trends, cropping up all over the high street is the smock dress. On the hanger it looks like an unflattering empty sack of potatoes, but I have noticed a handful of girls rocking it and looking effortlessly cool. So I wandered over to Topshop in-between lectures to try on a few, and crossed all my fingers and toes that I fit into that category.

Dress number 1. RRP £38
If you're are planning your Halloween costume eight months in advance then look no further! This little black and white number was an absolute shocker and I couldn't rip it off quick enough. Bearing in mind this was a size TEN (slight smug face), I could have fit me and everyone else in the fitting rooms in it, as well as still having room to breathe out.

Dress number 2. RRP £32

Much better. The material was more jersey style than the first dress, and I am a much bigger fan of the tartan colour scheme. I decided to try it on with my leather J and fur stole, and was pleasantly surprised by the outcome...

I feel like an extra from Made in Chelsea! I can just see myself now, third-wheeling on a dog-walking date in the park with Binky and Alex. It has a lovely cutesy country vibe to it, as well as being modern and on trend with the tartan pattern and the knee length boots.

After much deliberation, I decided to pass on the dress. Smock dresses CAN look good, but for the time being I'll stick to my skinnies until S/S hits and I can finally dust the cobwebs off my summer wardrobe and get my pins out. Can Winter just be over already? There is only so many pairs of eyelashes I can ruin sue to sudden downpour. Not to mention Hurricane Katrina blowing them off down Ecclesall road when I'm trying to get home after a long, tiring day at uni! (AKA two hour seminar.)

Has anyone else been tempted by the tartan?


  1. Love the second dress! Might have to purchase it! Im a new subscriber of yours.. Check out my blog if you want :)

  2. It's cute isn't it! I will check out your blog tonight thanks for the comment :) xxx