Monday, 17 February 2014

BAFTA awards 2014; rating or slating?

I am a huge sucker for any glamorous awards show, brimming with A-listers celebrating how rich and fabulous and talented they are. (Not bitter at all I swear). Apart from the fact I don't actually watch the awards show (lol) I prefer to just scower the internet and social media sites for the constant updates of which celebrity has arrived with who, and who is wearing what, and dream about ever in my life actually getting an invite to one of these events.

Worst outfit: Lily Allen

Very typical of a Vivienne Westwood dress to feature the elegant sweetheart neckline and ruched design, which I am usually a big fan of, however this photo just brings back horrible memories of overdosing on leftover Christmas quality street. The colour scheme is awful and tacky, and I can't even bring myself to comment on that bizarre headpiece??!!
There is one positive though, this dress celebrates Lily's recent weight loss and her figure looks incredible, I just wish she had chosen something show-stopping to showcase that svelte new bod instead of that "interesting" creation!

Best outfit: Brangelina

CAN THIS PAIR DO NO WRONG??!! When I heard the Jolie-Pitts wore matching tuxedos all I could picture in my head was that scene from sex and the city where Carrie is Standfords "best woman" and she wears matching tux's with Big. Oh and not forgetting that awful black swan-esque headpiece. I almost got whiplash I lunged for my ipad so quickly so I could feast my eyes on this dreamy duos potential first ever fashion faux-pas. Boy, was I wrong. Brad looks like he has been chiselled by angels, as per, and I just can't get enough of Angelina! She looks the epitome of cool. So effortless, from her touselled hair to her undone bow tie, the powercouple to end all powercouples have done it again.

And I can't write a BAFTA post without mentioning Tinie Tempah! I can't decide whether he is cute or the ultimate cringe-fest?! If anyone else follows him on Instagram you will have seen his little starstruck fan-girl photos with Brad and Ange, Dame Helen Mirren and Oprah! Absolutley hilarious.. I can just imagine him running around like a little boy in a sweet shop getting photos with all the big timers! OH and that high five with Price William...smh.

Oh and very last thing I promise...Leo Di Caprio. I fell back in love with him after going to watch 'The Wolf of Wall Street' a couple of weeks and he definitely didn't disappoint last night.

Did anyone else actually watch the award show? What did you think?

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  1. Hi Claudia,

    Urgh! I like Lily Allen so much, but her outfit was a bit too eccentric for me, I agree...
    Angelina looked very good in the tux, it actually reminded me of when I did it for our school prom, back in 1985! (gulp!).
    I did watch the whole ceremony, I think I liked Amy Adams the most (I always do!) and I hated Helen Mirren's dress, it reminded me of an uncomfortable corset I had to wear when I had back surgery, lol.

    Love your blog! :)