Sunday, 5 January 2014

I must have been a VERY good girl this year!

Now, I don't know about you (but im feelin twenty twooooooooooooooo) but I love having a snoop on other people's blog/twitter/instagram and seeing what they got for Christmas! I don't think it is at all boasting or showing off, if you're lucky enough to receive it then why the hell not show it off! I said before on a previous post that there was nothing really I wanted for Christmas, apart from a few beauty products, which of course were lurking under the tree for me! (Not gonna lie, I emailed my mum the links about a thousand times to confirm she had bought the right things!) And the rest of my Christmas gift was money. I won't say how much, but let's just say I must have been verrrry good this year! ;)
This was my present of my amazing boyfriend! TWO pairs of Kurt Geigers! As a self confessed shoezilla, I already have the white heels in black, so I was a very happy bunny when I unwrapped the white pair too! White wrong, but so very very right. And I just cannot wait to break my neck in the shoes on the right! absolute DREAM.

This was a completely unexpected gift from my best friend Sam. ANOTHER pair of Geigers! That takes the total to 20+ (gulp..)

I cannot put into words how much I despise sales, almost as much as I despise sale shoppers! I just so happened to be on my phone when I got an email about the River Island sale launch, so I managed to quickly swipe all the best things before they sold out. Lots of people think the sales launch on Boxing day, when this one actually launched almost a week before! I got three pairs of Eyelure for £6 (the usual price for one pair) and the Gatsby-inspired choker was just £4 from £12. So for future reference, make sure you sign up to all your favorite websites mailing list, and they will keep you updated with future sales and offers.

All hail! Three of the best beauty products I have ever used (well, Im yet to try Philip Kingsley but I'm sure I'll be a fan), and will be repurchasing forever and forever until my dying day. Or unless my head falls off and I no longer have a face to moisturize and beautify.

1. Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel.
A product I have only recently been introduced to, after creeping on a few different beauty blogs. Now everyone knows Clinique is renowned for quality skincare products, but what works for someone else is not always going to do the same for you. According to the website the gel 'gives you the lightweight hydration without oiliness so your skin feels smoother, softer and more comfortable.' and boy is it not wrong. As it is a gel, as opposed to a cream or lotion, is absorbs into your skin almost instantly and provides a soft, matte base to apply your foundation (or if you are a bare faced beauty, your good to go!) As a gal with combination skin, I find it hard to find a good moisturizer that , and have never really found one worth repurchasing, and at a not-so-steep price of £29.50 for 125ml,  this one is worth every penny.

2. Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation
WHY oh WHY did I cheat on my beloved Double Wear and go back to MAC studio fix fluid for so long?! I have finally seen the light and come running back to Estee Lauder. When choosing a foundation, I enjoy a good thick coverage which I can cake on with a trowell (I'm not even joking). Double Wear lasts me all day, and even when I am taking my make-up off before I go to bed (which is a very rare occasion) it still takes a bit of elbow grease to get off, which just shows how long-wearing it is. There are about 832942798 shades to choose from aswell, so it's much easier to get a shade almost exactly the same as your skin tone. At £28.50 a pop, it's slightly more expensive than the others but dont let the tiny bottle fool you - it lasts ages.

3. Philip Kingsley Elasticizer
The holy grail of blonde hair products! Differing to all other hair masks, this one you actually use before shampooing and conditioning your hair. After seeing a tweet from Abbey Clancy  singing its praises, I did a bit of research and was intrigued to see what all the fuss was about. For extremely damaged and bleached hair this product is supposed to work wonders so I can't wait to try it out! Watch this space.


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