Monday, 9 December 2013


How quickly has December come around?! I swear it doesnt seem two minutes ago I was taking off for Marbella and now I'm digging out my long johns! (thankfully this is a joke, although I did actually used to own a lilac....yes I had a cruel upbringing.) I wish I could say I love everything about the concluding month of the year, purely for the fact it looks so dreamy in photographs, as you can see from the picture above. But the fact is, I hate snow. I hate cold weather. I hate having to wrap up warm. I hate having to walk around my student flat in every jumper I own so I don't die from hypothermia. Especially because I have no car in Sheffield, waiting around for a bus or a train in sub zero temperatures is not the one.

On a more positive are my December plans! (better late than never)

Wednesday 10th- Manchester Christmas markets! Im going with my fave boy and I cant contain my excitement for this! We intentionally had plans to go to the Christmas markets in Leeds last Thursday but Hurricane Katrina decided to strike and ruin our plans so we rescheduled for this week. I cant wait to drown in mulled wine and festive fun. It also gives me a chance to get the last of my Christmas shopping done which is a bonus.

Thursday 11th- My old next door neighbour and her two little boys moved to York last year which was so sad because I was really close with the whole family. I keep trying to make plans to visit but with having Uni and two jobs its really hard to find the time! However, being the huge puppy enthusiast that I am, when she text me at the weekend saying Dotty had given birth to SEVEN pups I had to get myself there pronto! I'm getting the train down after work and staying overnight which I am excited for 1. to smother myself with puppies and 2. because Iv heard York is such a beautiful place and I have never visited before so I cant wait to be a tourist!

Wednesday 18th- Break up from Uni This doesnt really affect me as much as it should because I feel like I am only there for about 3 seconds a week! I quite like it though because as well as not being a fan of dragging myself out of bed at the crack of dawn for a 9am lecture, I love the freedom I get to do my own thing with my assignments.

Sunday 22nd- Work Christmas party! I bought my dress for this last week in Manchester with my parents, its a metallic green snake-print dress with a cut out on the stomach. It sounds absolutely horrendous from that description I just gave but I swear it amazing! Here's a sneak preview....

It's a three course meal and free bar! Tempted to just skip the food completely and just drink my calories but it just sounds too delicious....perhaps i should sack off the bodycon and just wear a bin bag...I have a horrible feeling I'm going to have to be rolled out the building at the end of the night.

Tuesday 24th- Christmas eve! Usually i would spend this at the pub back home in Preston with all my friends! Literally every man and his dog goes to The Black Bull on Christmas eve and it's such a good atmosphere with everyone being home from Uni and catching up with everything however this year I have to work! Not the greatest night to be working in a cocktail bar where I am going to finish at 4am on Christmas day...on my own...two hours away from my family. But my Dad bless him is going to drive to Sheffield on Christmas Eve and stay at my flat overnight then drive me home on Christmas Day! Reason #9872947248 why I love my Daddy!

I'll write another blog post about my Christmas and of course a post on my presents! My Mum almost had a heart attack when i told her there was nothing I really wanted for Christmas this year...My list is usually as long as the M1 and adds up to about £50,000. But I've already got a designer bag, purse, UGGS, Ipad, Watch etc etc, the things people usually ask for, so I'm stuck. Of course I have already begged for a pug, which I have asked for every Christmas and Birthday for the last ten years but I already know that wont happen...cryyyyy.

I've really enjoyed present buying this year! I always try and remember little things that my friends have spoken about in the past and buy them that, so they have no idea what to expect and get a really good suprise. I think Im even more excited to give presents that to recieve them myself this year! Although saying doubt I'm still gonna wake up on Christmas morning and be like..


What are you all asking Santa for this year?


  1. Great plans, I love planning everything out as then you can get all excited for it. Hope you get your pug - that is what I asked for too! I already have a Chihuahua so I told my mum she needs a play mate!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. so jealous of your chihuahua! gonna have a stalk of your blog now ;o) xxx

  2. where is your dress from? it looks amazing!