Monday, 9 December 2013


Now, it is no secret to anybody that I am a huge fan of cosmetics.I very rarely leave the house without a face full of 'slap', unless its a quick dash to the sunbeds, or if I'm heading to the gym, (and even then I will still sneak a layer on). It's not because I think I am grotesque-ly ugly without it, and I hardly ever get spots so it's not like I have anything to cover up, the truth of the matter is i just love it! I love discovering new products, and I love the feeling when I have a really good make-up day and it makes leaving the house for work at the crack of dawn so much easier! After a LOT of deliberation I have decided on my top 3 products I couldn't live without, and decided to probe my friends as well and see what they are rating! Enjoy! x

1. Eyebrow kit. I have been using Benefit 'Browzings' for the past year or so and i think it is the Holy Grail of brow kits. It comes in a cute little compact case with a mirror, and it includes wax, powder, two mini brushes and a tiny pair of tweezers! As a brow enthusiast I think they are super important as they frame your face and I think a good strong brow generally improves ones whole appearance. Browzings retails at £22.50 and is worth every penny.
2. Soleil Tan de Chanel. A pricey little number at around £31 but such a versatile product! It can be worn under or over your foundation, or even by itself and gives a gorgeous sun-kissed glow. A staple product in my make-up bag and definitely one I will be re-purchasing for years to come.
3. Eyelashes. In particular Eyelure 140 or 145. I love eyelashes and have worn them almost every day for the last three makes me feel nauseous when I think about how much money I have spent on them over the years (at around £5.50 a pair) but I love the length and style of them, dramatic but still appropriate for everyday wear. 

Of course if I DID have to limit myself to three products for the rest of my life I doubt I would make it to see my 22nd birthday. Fake tan, nude lipstick (MAC Honeylove) and Bobbi Brown Shimmer brick are also up there with the best BUT enough about me. Let's ask the Gals.

Lashanna Toussaint
1. Concealer because it covers all problem areas of my skin.
2. Eye liner because it defines my eyes and mascara doesn't do anything for me
3. Duo eyebrow palette as it doubles up to use as eyebrow definer as well as my eye-shadow.

Hayley Slater
1. Eyebrow pencil because I think strong brows help to define my eyes.
2. Mascara to add volume to my long natural lashes
3. Foundation to hide my blemishes

Liv Zolotarczuk
1. Mascara because I think it brings out the green in my eyes.
2. Bright Lipstick because it adds fire to any outfit.
3. Dry shampoo because it's such a good quick fix when my hair get's a little greasy and I don't have time to wash it!

Freya Blackshaw
1. Eyebrow pencil
2. bright pink lipstick
3.Umberto Giannini- Backcomb in a bottle

Very good choices by the lades if I do say so myself,  it seems we have quite a few brow-zillas here!
Which three products could you not live without?


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