Monday, 18 November 2013


Selfie central going on right about now! And oh my god I'm actually smiling hahaha, I wasn't sure if the smile was too creepy so of course I had to include my smarmy pout. Ignore how high I look on selfie number one it was just very early! Aaaaaanyway back to the matter in hand....I have baby pink cutesy candy floss hair! I bought this little bottle of hair dye from Boots a few weeks back after seeing the brand all over my Instagram and Twitter feeds so I had to get involved. Its by Bleach London and it claims to be 'a non permanent hair colour which fades in 10-15 washes'. I followed the directions on the back and washed and towel dried my hair first, before applying the cream and leaving for 15 minutes, before washing off. You get loadssssss in the bottle, i managed to cover my whole head as well as having some left in the bottle- and my hair is past my waist! I was so pleased with the results, however after just ONE, yes, ONE wash the colour had almost faded completely, with one person complimenting me on my 'slightly peach' hair. Not impressed.

I do want to dye my hair baby pink again, but I'm not too sure I would purchase Bleach again, however for somebody wanting a very temporary change of hair colour then this would be perfect, and at just £5 a bottle it's worth a try.

Has anyone else tried Bleach? Or any of the other colours in the range?
Im tempted by 'washed up mermaid'....


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  1. you're hair! so beautiful. i've been wanting to do this.

    xo, samantha