Monday, 18 November 2013


awkward bathroom pose
how beautiful is my best friend by the way!
...aaaaand here is me just being drunk and annoying! (standard behavior)
Not so much an outfit post here, more just me wanting to ramble on about this silk shirt! It was another little eBay purchase, but as soon as I bought it (for £10.80) I had second thoughts and was actually considering just not paying for it! Any eBay warrior user will know that as soon as a bidding war breaks out then that's it- you have to win no matter the cost! Sometimes it works in my favor, but there has been plenty of times I have been seriously wondering whether I had been taking crack when I see half of the horrors that get posted through my door. Not with this little beaut though- its such a nice flattering fit and so versatile! I wore it to the cocktail bar I work at on a little Friday night out with my best friend Samantha. Obviously 'one drink' turned into about three bottles of wine and before I know it, I'm strolling home in daylight. Casual.


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