Monday, 18 November 2013


Gold textured sweater- Zara
Waxed skinny jeans- River Island
Knee high boots- River Island
Leather gilet- Topshop
Bag- Michael Kors

Before you mention it- yes i am surgically attached to this bag! I just think it makes even the scrattiest outfit look luxe, especially when I am hungover and going out to commit carbacide...which is exactly what took place shortly after these photo's were taken. I love this gold Zara sweater, I bought it from eBay for about £10 and the texture is so nice! Its lame (supposed to be a little accent about the 'e' there but I can't find it on my keyboard.) My housemate thinks it makes me look like Mr T but all the more reason to wear it and perk up a dull day. I tend to slip on these boots with my waxy jeans quite often because they both have a leather-y look to them and I think they make my little legs looks longer (and thinner!)

Gonna post quite a bit in the next few days I have lots of outfits to blog about! Is there anything else I should include? What do people enjoy reading?!


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  1. Love this look, your style is flawless! x

    Jamie |