Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The end is in sight

so this weekend my dad took me back to Sheffield for a little visit! it felt so good going back to my flat now that Emily and Kelly are all moved in and settled, everything feels so cosy! ...apart from my absolute pit of a room, which I'm gonna have to wait till I move back properly to sort out. UGH. I'm just too excited to sort out all my shit and stick all my cutesy little photos on the walls and basically make it look like someone actually lives there, as opposed to it looking like a bombs gone off.
on Friday night we went to my friend Tara's house party, but made a little pit stop down at the bar I work at first for a lil gin and pineapple. It's my first proper "night out" (if you can call it that) so it was so nice to see everyone! I felt a bit nervous being in such a crowded place on my crutches so we soon moved on to Tara's party! to cut a long story short I ended up getting white girl wasted and have no idea how I got home, never mind how I got up the absolute Mount versuvias of metal stairs up to my flat??!!

ANYWAY. on Saturday we visited this little vintage fair, there was an admission fee which we were let off from because I was in a wheelchair??!!! Very strange logic as I don't understand why that would excuse me from paying but I'm not gonna complain. Being disabled obviously has it's perks. When someone says "vintage" to me I think of quirky little one off pieces of clothing or faux fur scarves and leather bags. But no, this fair really was vintage. I think the youngest person in there besides myself Emily and Kelly was probably 70, and fighting my way through the cobwebs to pretend to be interested in fishermans caps and kilts was pretty tedious. 

my parents picked me up to come home this afternoon, which was depressing, but at least I know next time I'm back in Sheffield I won't have this cast on my leg any more! PRAISE THE LORDDDDD. I'm missing Emily and Kelly already and if your reading this I can't wait to move back in with you!!!!

oh and how could I forget the besttttt part.....look at all these flowers that have been sent to me! my lounge looks like a florist!

spoilt little egg. maybe I should break my leg more often! 


8 days bitches! 

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