Friday, 4 October 2013

recent purchases!

whilst I'm disabled, my social life is currently a hollow shell of it's former self and has been forced to take a back seat, so iv been occupying my time the best way I know shopping! 
now Iv been a fan of eBay for quite a while now, but the obsession has now got sliiiightly out of hand...and when I say slightly I mean very. I'm a full blown eBay warrior. I'm even setting my alarm to wake me up through the night if there's something I need to bid on!!! I know. I'm am embarassment. The most exciting part is when I win something beauts for under £10 and when I wear it everyone asks me where I got it from and I say "I can't remember" hehehe. But now my secrets out!

here's a few pieces I got recently..
(clockwise starting from top left) Fluoro top- topshop, cropped cream angora jumper- topshop boutique, leather front sweatshirt - (a full on bidding war went down for this little baby) zara, striped blouse- some random place in china.

black floral bralet- topshop, white floral bralet- topshop, Aztec skirt- zara, black leather gilet- topshop

and now for the non eBay items (I sware I do shop in ACTUAL shops too!)

silk jumpsuit- topshop boutique. I saw someone wearing this recently with minimal accessories and a nice tan and it looked dreamy!

And now for the complete opposite of the spectrum! I call this look "intergalactic Barbie on acid" and I'm sure everyone is looking at it with pure disgust but anything shiny or gawdy or holographic is right up my street and il make sure to feature it in a future outfit post! Sorry to disappoint but it'll have to wait till the cast is off or it will clash. 

I've wanted a plain black and white tee for agesssss now (a month).. But it's taken me ages to find the right shape and right material (nice and thick) so i can dress it up for evening wear. And I have found them! the white is from topshop and it was £38

and the black is from mango @ ASOS. (£27.99) I ordered it yesterday along with these delicious little sunglasses. 

I know, I know, why the fuck am I buying sunglasses in October, but how could I not! I am literally buying anything if it comes in the colour black right now (it looks so good with blonde hair!) and I love the matte effect on the rims!
expect lots of posey pictures in them soon! if I needed an excuse!
MWAH xxxxxxxx


  1. Do you sell on eBay as well as buying?
    I'm a new addict!

    1. Yeah I'm planning to sell loads of bits once my cast is off and I move back into my flat!
      saving up to get my lips done... Il keep you updated on here xxx