Thursday, 17 October 2013


i can't believe I haven't blogged since my cast has been taken off! I feel about 86 stone lighter and struggling to pull up a pair of skinny jeans has never felt so good!
You can't even imagine how HAIRY my leg was when it released from the cast! so so so so gross I can't even bring myself to upload a photo :|
Now the not-so-great news, I still can't fucking walk! my knee is really painful but iv got a few more hospital appointments booked so fingers crossed il be crutch-less in no time. 

blurred out my little peahead slightly because I looked raw but this was the same day just before my mum drove me back to uni.
Black tee- mango
Aztec skirt- zara
fur coat- new look
nude pumps- Vivienne Westwood 
Bag- Michael kors 

Enough of the boring cast chat now though! I have been super healthy since moving back to Sheffield, especially because I still can't get back to the gym yet. Everyone asking on Instagram what iv been doing, it's basically not eating after 7pm. Oh and no junk food.

looking v. Swedish and v. Skinny but I sware it's the mirror! 
Fluro tee- topshop
black Baxter skinnies- topshop
knee length boots- river island
watch- Michael kors

and here I present my new boyfriend jeans! They are such a weird/baggy fit but I love how they make the most casual outfit still look slightly tailored!
Cream angora sweater- topshop boutique
boyfriend jeans- topshop (sensing a theme here hahaha)

I am LOVING being back at uni! (No offence to the rents) I finally managed to sort out my room and throw away all the minging shit I had been hoarding away since first year, I also listed some unwanted clothes on eBay and made a cheeky £300! (Which I will be spending on lip fillers!) and re-enrolled! i love having structure back in my life, annoying that I still have to wait till I can start back at work but I'm sure once I'm back il go back to being a moany bitch! 

and last but not least hello new followers! 

feel free to leave your links I'm always on the lookout for new blogs to stalk.


  1. Love ur blog!!!! x x x

  2. If I had your clothes I would not be able to part with them! SO cute!

  3. Thats great about getting your cast off, you must feel so much better for it. Can't believe you made that much on Ebay, I'm such a fail and nobody ever buys from me haha! Gorgeous blog, new follower :)

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  4. you look amazing ;)
    I know sometimes it's hard not to eat junk but we should consider what our bodies need..

  5. You are so pretty and hope you're getting better. xx