Thursday, 5 September 2013

they see me rollinnnnn, they hatinnn

today was my first day out in my wheelchair! (Should I be celebrating that..!?) my mum took me into town to run some errands, it was absolutley hilarious getting wheeled around/ cringiest moment of my life but I'm sure I'm gonna have to get used to it! The worst part was my mum dragging me round the horrible granny shops because there was no way I could escape! 

wheelchair swag! my basketball tee is from a shop in marbella, and the white skirt is zara.

after a hard day of doing sweet F-A, my mum treated us to a little fro-yo! you can choose any toppings you like so i got strawberries, mango, banana, granola and smarties! absolute HEAVEN! 

then of course I came home and had my green smoothie for dinner! (day 4)

who's gonna be wheeling me about when I go back to uni?! Kelly and Emily I'm pointing the finger at YOU! ;)


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