Sunday, 22 September 2013

life of a cripple, continued.

day 26 of having a broken leg. not gonna lie, for the first week or two I thought I was suffering from severe depression, so when I had another hospital check up the week before last Wednesday I was praying for good news. But no. My cute little glittery cast was replaced with THIS monstrosity.

yes it's thigh high. It comes up to my actual vagina. And I feel even more like the elephant man than I did before. oh, never mind the fact it's not glittery, and I'm not so sure I'm digging the sickly pink as much as I was before...

So, what better way to cheer myself up than to buy clothes than I can no longer fit into?!! number one on the list..leather pants from zara. I must have still been delirious when I purchased these, but they are beauutttt and I can't wait to slither into them when the cast comes off!
Other purchases-

posey mcposerson. new Kate moss lipstick and UNREAL stag necklace from topshop

channeling my inner clueless! tartan plaid skirt and patent loafers - both new look.

absolute twat in a hat but I am never taking this baby off! finally joined club fedora and I am genuinely pissed off at myself for never investing before now!

I had to blur out my absolute moon head but this is how happy I am about updating my A/W wardrobe! starting with these beautiful silk tartan trousers, (even more excited about the fact they cover the cast!)

oh and after having the same acrylics on for six whole weeks(!!!!!!) I know, I'm a disgrace to females everywhere, I got these bad boys! subtle as ever, I like to call this look "Ghetto hooker in Miami". 

17 days to go! 

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