Friday, 27 September 2013

life is better BLONDE

Bearing in mind I paid to get my hair cut and coloured YESTERDAY, I woke up this morning feelin like P Diddy so I decided to bleach my hair! I used 2 bottles of XXL color by Schwartzkopf in platinum blonde and this is the result! 
Casual pose. not gonna lie, I feel like a Swedish pornstar but I am fully embracing the European look! I think I did pretty well bearing in mind that it was the first time iv ever coloured my hair myself, and the only help I had was from my 24 year old brother, who I'm pretty sure didn't even know how to BRUSH his own hair a year ago.

I have limited hairstyling products here at my parents house, so I just threw in some extensions I recently bought, (24inch!) and ended up looking like iggy azealia. (minus the ass obv) lollllllza.
We went for tapas, and I had my first drop of alcohol in over a month! HEAVEN. 
this was Moka in Preston. I ordered teriyaki chicken and salmon (it had a fancier name but I can't remember)
...and the I came home and ate the majority of my mothers birthday cake :|

blondeys- any products I should be buying to stop my hair turning to straw? iv heard good things about Philip Kingsley!?

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