Sunday, 1 September 2013

detox time!

Iv been saying I'm going to detox for at LEAST the past year but have just never got round to it, partly because I work in a bar so it's hard not to drink, especially when I have dickhead customers to deal with all night, and partly because I have the worlds worst willpower ever!
ANYWAY. Now I'm an invalid, and can't drink alcohol anyway I need to do something to stop me getting fat! I aaaaalmost succumbed to the pressure of this "juice plus" thing that everybody in Preston seems to be on, but after mentioning it to my mum she suggested instead of paying £104 for a months worth of juiceplus, just drink a green smoothie in replacement of 2 of my meals, then have something healthy for my third, which in effect is what juiceplus is! 

Green smoothies are basically just a really healthy detox drink, you can alter what you put in them, according to taste but they are made up of spinach or kale, and then various fruits and veggies. there are millllions of recipes on google anyway!

DAY 1.
my mum went to morrisons this morning and stocked up on eeeeveeerything, so this mornings smoothie was made up of
Goji berries
Mango juice

and it was delicious!!
I'm hoping to lose weight as well as just feel a lot healthier, which is gonna do me the world of good especially before I go back to uni for my final year!

wish me luck! 

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  1. Love a good detox, especially when you can load up on smoothies! This looks delicious xx
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