Sunday, 18 August 2013

my name is claudia and I am addicted to spending money!

this week I have received 6 YES 6 asos parcels in the post, one of which contained these cute little nike montreals that my mama bought me! 

anyway the point of this post is to turn my blog into more of a fashion/lifestyle blog, as opposed to me banging on about how much I love my life haaha.
RIGHT so today I was 10minutes early to work so I nipped into new look, which is just next door. and lets be serious, who shops at new look? because before today i thought everything they sold was rank, so you can imagine how surprised was i when i went and picked up these little beauties! for a minuscule £26!

The huge gold necklace is something I have been lusting over for a while, after seeing it in topshop for £50. howeverrrr it's a good job I didn't buy it because I picked up basically the exact same thing in good old new look for £19.99! we all know how shit quality topshop jewellery is aswell so it will be interesting to see if this beauty turns my neck green after one outing! 

the turquoise necklace was a measley little £4 so I couldn't resist, and I have about 20 thousand gold cuffs but I may as well add one more to the collection! 

your sincerely, new looks most recent biggest fan,
claudia wright 

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