Friday, 16 August 2013

from Miami to Ibiza!

okay, marbella to Ibiza but basically the same thing. UGH How depressing that I have nothing else to look forward to! to be fair, I have been extremely lucky having already been away to Ibiza AND marbella, but now seriousssss holiday blues have kicked in. BAD. Here are a few of my faveourite snaps! Again, blogging off my phone so sorry about the mis-matched sizes!

lets begin with MARBS.. Instead of booking a hotel we decided to rent an apartment like we did last year and OH MY lord it didn't disappoint. 3 floors and huuuge balconys it was a princess palace! oh and every tourists dream..AIR CON. if your in a big group (preferably of girls) you get free entry and drinks in most places so I think I only spent €200 in the whole week! It's so annoying though because whoever anybody asks to hear my holiday stories I struggle to actually remember any cos I was drunk 99% of the week :|

of course I got another braid! ...much to everyone's dismay hahaha

got extremelyyyy drunk with the girls on plaza beach and found these MINGING obviously I spent the entire day wearing it :| *hand over eyes*

absolutley LOVE this photo of me Rosie and Cait! x

Pangea, marbella. LOOK HOW FREAKING TANNED I AM!!!

faveourite spot ;)

shy little wallflower.

another faveourite! too much love

current mood.

and now the mighty IBIZAAAA. Obviously a completley different atmosphere and vibe to marbs but unreal holiday all the same.
bad bitchesssss.hahaha

best day! Loco dice at Ushuaia. Anyone who has been to this day will know why my stories will be unsuitable for the blog! hahah...naughty claudssss

"Come on the fly fish they will be fun they said" prizes for guessing which idiot got launched off into the sea :|

Ocean club! We had a VIP bed so the drinks were flowing alllllll day! my kind of party.

Beady eye and zane lowe at Ibiza rocks! unreal day!

and again..

fairground rides at 3am.

this photo makes me laugh so much! staying classy!

And again...lolllll
four more of the girls flew out to surprise is half way through the week! it was amazing to have the gyaldem back together...this was our last night watching the sun set at cafe mambo :o)

has anyone else visited Ibiza or Marbs this summer? Or anywhere else?


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