Wednesday, 28 August 2013

bad luck Becky!

soooo, if any of my blog readers follow me on twitter (@claudiawrightx) or instagram (IAMCLAUDIAWRIGHT) you will have noticed that I was involved in an accident on Saturday night, so I thought instead of personally replying to everybody's comments I would explain on here..

basically on Saturday night I was hit by a car. As I went to cross the road, the car hit my legs, flipped me into the air and my head has hit and shattered the dashboard, then the force has flipped me back into the middle of the road. Luckily the driver stopped and by the time I woke up from being concussed the ambulances and police had already arrived. I was cut out of my clothes and strapped into a neck brace and leg brace and taken to a&e, where I needed x-rays of my legs, head, neck and spine. Because I couldn't feel anything from the waist down the paramedics thought I had been paralysed/broken my spine. aaaaanyway after a long 7 hours in a&e I was allowed to come home with just a broken leg! and obviously head wounds and bruises/cuts etc from where I had scraped along the ground. I feel SO lucky to 1. Be alive!! And 2. Be allowed to leave with just one broken leg! Someone up there was definitely looking out for me :) 

anyway My parents drove straight up to Sheffield, but had to leave yesterday due to work, but my big brother is driving up on Friday to come and take me home for a few weeks. I can already tell I'm going to get cabin fever from not being able to go out and do things! I'm constantly working/going out/gyming it so this is a major shock to the system! 

thank you SO much to everyone for their get well soon messages they really mean alot! and last but not least I can not thank my bestest friend in the world Samantha Stevenson enough! she was up all night in a&e with me, come to every appointment with me, and has lived with me ever since the accident being at my absolute beck and call and I really don't know how I would have coped without her!

and if I'm gonna be in this ugly old thing for 6 weeks I might as well try and make it cute! Stylin out my wheelchair with pink and glitter! subtle as ever..!

this accident has taught me a very valuable lesson...ALWAYS wear cute matching underwear, because you never know when your gonna be cut out of your clothes and you don't wanna risk laying there in a ratty old leopard print thong and ugly strapless bra in front of about 20 people like I was. Luckily the morphine took awake the majority of the embarrassment.

So, Here's to attempting to stop myself from going insane for the next 2 months! suggestions welcome!


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  1. OMG.. You are so lucky, I know we don't personally know each other but I hope you're okay and you are rocking the pink cast. :)

    CharlieEterna xx