Thursday, 11 April 2013

beauty school dropout

There are soooo many pictures I need to upload but AGAIN I have been neglecting my blog! bad claudia. BUT there is no time like the present so I'm back! I'm currently failing all my modules at university so I need to get my head down this month and complete EVERT piece of work iv been given since September so April is gonna be a horrible month of being a social recluse but I'm just telling myself it will be worth it in the end! to be fair I really don't give a shit about getting a first in anything right now, if I even get a pass (which is 40% for fuck sake) il be over the moon. And I'm pretty sure a chimp with half a head could get 40%...enough said.

HOWEVERRRR I have just had the best weekend in a long time! I went back to Preston for a few days, where me and 10 of the girls went to ladies day at aintree! it was such a good day, even though I forgot to actually bet on any horses :| which is probably a good thing! I wore this absolutely stunning rose headband from crown and glory which i am completely in love with and now want to wear everywhere! We went out in Liverpool that night and came home Saturday morning...just enough time to recover for Jess' 21st that night! Standard me was paraletic by about 11 so I can't really remember much but it was good to see old faces! even if I did spend half my night creeping on my older brothers friends (kill me now.)
then on Monday we went out in Preston for my best friend livvies 21st! All I remember is being on a table with ricci from Geordie shore lolllllll ..and yes he really does look like a little umpa lumpa in real life aswell! (

and now I'm back in Sheffield! my month of not going out was going to start yesterday...but it was the varsity final so I couldn't NOT go's one of my faveourite nights of the year and it definatley did not disappoint!

I'm gonna post a few photos from the weekend and I knowww they are gonna be in random order and probably ginormous but I'm writing this off my iPhone 5 so il edit them later! (just had to mention my new iPhone didnt I..smug...although I got it last Thursday, went out Friday got pissed and smashed the screen..not so smug)

will update soon I PROMISE! Especially now I'm basically on on house arrest anyway.

MWAH xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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