Friday, 1 February 2013

24 hour champagne diettt

before i start this blog post, i just want to express how excited i am that i can finally wear red lipstick! now that i am blonde, i am open to exciting new lip colours like pink and red and i feel like a new woman! no longer does my lipstick drawer need to be limited to nude shades such as MACS creme d'nude or honeylove! one small step for huge step for claudia wright!

okay now back to the point of this blog post... how cute is this top! i got it in topshop sale for £9! such a good quality photo though definatley not blurry at all thanks samantha! ;) also decided to rock the ponytail this night! apart from feeling like i had a horses tail attached to the back of my head, it was a nice change!

i also travelled back to little preston last weekend to celebrate my girl sarahs 21st! cant believe how quickly everyones turning 21....its my turn soon! iv never really shopped on missguided but i needed a new dress and EVERY item of clothing in every shop is soooooooo dull right now, and covered in words like 'GEEK' and 'DWEEB' (those t-shirts make me want to projectile vomit) so someone suggested missguided! it was free next day delivery if you spent over £40 so i picked up a black high neck leotard, a cream chiffon shirt (which i have since returned due to the poor quality material) and THIS little beauty! i felt like angelina jolie with the huge slit up the thigh but i love it!

standard bathroom snap.

cause of death

me and my best friend livvie! how stunning is she seriously though! absolute dream!

unfortunatley this blurry little thing is the only snap we got of all of us together! we are in sakura in manchester!


every time i have been drinking recently i have been waking up looking like i have had some botox injections gone wrong! look how puffy my skin is around my nose and mouth :( (also note how my head doesnt look attatched to my body! spooooky)
does anyone else get this? is this just an effect of alcohol?

i started uni this week again too, and i am detemined not to miss a single lecture!
wish me luck ;)



  1. I went through a stage where i used to feel instantly sick as soon as i took a sip of alcohol, then it just went away with no explanation at all :/ Maybe your allergic to some sort of alcohol.
    That dress looks lovely though so atleast you had a good night before hand!

  2. You might be allergic to sulphates!! I was looking at this article for a blog post the other day and it explains how the guy had allergic reactions to alcohol and the preservatives in them,10152450999845475,10151660351709062,10152452716285716&fb_action_types=news.reads&fb_source=other_multiline&action_object_map={%2210151375947976052%22:483872235762,%2210152450999845475%22:483872235762,%2210151660351709062%22:139777219515031,%2210152452716285716%22:461162910598607}&action_type_map={%2210151375947976052%22:%22news.reads%22,%2210152450999845475%22:%22news.reads%22,%2210151660351709062%22:%22news.reads%22,%2210152452716285716%22:%22news.reads%22}&action_ref_map=[]#access_token=AAADWQ6323IoBANYZApYJeuD5LaTgl6NhvBdpa6KKsSjmNVZClXJS8ie0K9OugsZBiXHn8Qs0lk4knTyD7kKvBZBmV5uqhB5U2tt0UN8BhQZDZD&expires_in=4640

    (Hadn't realised how long that was, woops!)


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