Wednesday, 2 January 2013

my new years resolutions!

i can not believe how fast 2012 has gone! i have had such a good year and im hoping 2013 will bring me bigger and better things!
i was lucky enough to go to marbella, ibiza and paris, meet some amazing people, get a new job which i LOVE, and just create so many memories (most of which i cant even remember but thats always a sign of a good night!)

i never really make resolutions, because it makes me laugh how people think they are gonna turn into a completley new person overnight, but this morning i was laying in bed with my friend tara and we decided to make a few resolutions we are gonna try and stick to, to make this year amazeballs! (yes i said it.)

1. GO TO ALL MY LECTURES. this is a huge thing for me because im am literally the worlds worst student. i didnt even hand in my last 2500 word essay purely for the fact i 'couldnt be bothered' which is actually really bad and i think its about £300 to resit the module next year....oops.

2. GO TO THE GYM. this is actually a work in progress because we have an induction tommorow morning. i think its good to have a gym buddy because it motivates you! we are going to aim to go at least 3 times a week, but my housemates also go to the same gym so i have no excuse not to go! plus its my freaking 21st in may so my bod needs to look bangin! the only thing holding me back is the fact i have 2 jobs and go to uni so its hard to fit it in! PLUS the small fact that all the sports teams go to the same gym...really not looking forward to the entire rugby team watching me sweating my tits off on the treadmill thanks :|

3. SAVE UP. okay, when i say im the worlds worst saver it really is true. i have an overdraft of £3000 which i have maxxed out, so it is my goal this year to set aside a little bit of money every month to try and pay some back. also im going to save my tips from waitressing every weekend and then treat myself with them at the end of every month...well deserved!

now the hard part....sticking to them!
come on claudia you can do this! *motivational cheer*

what are your new year resolutions?
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  1. I pretty much have the same new years resolutions as you, but I finished uni last year so I don't need to go my lectures now! haha! But I do need to go to the gym and my overdraft is £2500 MAXED! It's a total mare! Saving Saving! :)
    LaceyLoves x