Wednesday, 2 January 2013

delayed post (story of my life) PARIS!

unless you follow me on twitter... @CLAUDIAWRIGHTx (shameless im allowed because its my blog, right?!) you wont know that on november 23rd i was lucky enough to be taken to PARIS! it was an absolute dream weekend and i could finally fulfill by ambition to be a real nigga in paris! (packed extra fake tan hehehe)

obviously you cant visit paris without spending a day at disneyland right?! and although it was -293048094 degrees of course i felt like a princess all day!

just a teeny bit excited to be here!

im a horrendous photographer but the decor on main street was too beautiful for words! so cute and christmassy

the parade!! to toms horror there was 2 parades on this day...the normal disney one and of course the christmas one! of course i made him watch both...and forced my way to the front of the crowd to get a good view! such a mature 20 year old!

im in disneyland bitchhhhh!

ice queen

the funnest photo ever! we went on the rock n roller coaster and it was so good so we went on it again...and i forced tom to try and wink when the camera flashed...and this is the outcome! i couldnt stop howling for about 20minutes over the fact he looks like a stroke victim he was NOT happy! (p.s- notice our friend riding solo at the front!..havin a ball!)

20th anniversay! the lights looked so cute at night!

after a quick visit back to the flat we got ready and out for dinner in paris! it was so cute strolling around the streets...toms visited a few times because his dad lives there so he had a basic idea of where everything was which was a good start! we decided to eat at this cute little restaurant in the city centre...i nipped to the toilets and returned to THIS. a plate of fucking snails. and to make things worse miss trunchbull aka tom made me eat 3! safe to say i basically inhaled an entire bottle of wine after this to numb my brain and forget about it!

day two...after waking up with the words worst hangover tom made me WALK up the eiffel tower...i was not amused, as you can tell by this photo. note to not wear this jumper again, it makes you look like a potato.

double decker trains! mind = blown.

sad little parisians about to get on the plane home! :(

has anyone else visited paris before?
what were your highlights?


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