Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Christmas and new year 2013!

how much do you love christmas! apart from my birthday and summer its definatley my favourite time of year! i absolutely love the huge build up and the way everyone is in a better mood! the only downside is having two jobs in sheffield, it makes it hard for me to get home over christmas so i always miss out on things like putting the tree and all the decorations up and everything :(
ANYWAAAAYYYY here is a little snippet of december 2012 in the life of claudia wright!
working in a cocktail bar is always gonna be fun over christmas! it was also one of my best friends 21st at a bar called hulu tiki lounge in manchester, gutted i didnt take any good photos from the night! my works do, christmas day, boxing day with the girls is allwaysssssss the best night of the year and of course nye! i had to work on new years eve, but i did the same last year and i really didnt mind! i get to spend the entire night with an amazing group of people, free drinks all night, the best entertainment and i dont have to worry about a nye dress! perfect!

okay so this night i did not expect to end up in a club thats why i am wearing a jumper and my huuuge handbag :| but as you can tell by my face im just an oblivious happy little reindeer!

my outfit for my works do at o2! all black everythinggg

i really couldnt give a shit that 'every girl in the world' got a michael kors watch this christmas, iv wanted this rose gold baby for a good few months and was overwhelmed to unwrap it on christmas day!

my baby lillian smushed up inside a wicker box....strange kitty.

cutest little front lounge!

boxing day madness! it was so good to be reunited with the gyaldem...however the night quickly escalated from this...

to this :| 

i must have been a very good girl this year because i was extra spoiled! however out of everything this was probably my favourite present that i recieved this year...a thomas sabo leather wrap bracelet and a thomas sabo shark tooth charm. i have been obsessed, and i mean OBSESSED with sharks since i was little (mainly great whites haha) so this present was perfect! and every time i look at my wrist i just fall a little bit more in love!

NYE baby! how gorgeous is this waistcoat by the way....naaaaaaaaattt

6am flatliners....absolute KILLER.

my two favey waitresses who i couldnt have wished to bring in 2013 with anyone else!

and now its january and i am ready to own 2013!


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