Friday, 30 November 2012

forever alone!

okay this is a little delayed but i didnt want to NOT write about it because its the first grown up wedding iv ever attended and it was such an incredible day! one of my friends from high school got married! yes, HIGH SCHOOL! its so bizarre to think shes my age and shes now a happily married woman! all downhere from here vicky! (kidding, im obviously just bitter because i am gonna die alone with 85 cats.)

as soon as i opened my invatation last year i got that horrible sinking feeling as soon as i saw 'Claudia wright plus 1.' as even then i knew i wouldnt be even close to having a boyfriend to take! wellllll....i ALMOST did but i got pied off last minute which was very distressing but i wont go into that! anyway i ended up taking my best friend samantha and we had an absolute ball so it worked out for the better!

as soon as Vicky walked down the aisle in the church i started weling up just because she looked so gorgeous and nick just looked so happy it was adorable! and made me feel EXTREMELY single :| anywayssss i got pretty smashed throughout the day so i didnt take many photos and the only one i got of me and the bride is too ugly to put on here! so here are the measley 4 photos i took.... again i am a complete retard with html so excuse the random order!

cutest candy cart full of pick and mix at the evening reception!

me and my plus 1! LOVE this photo even though i seem to have turned into the leaning tower of pisa.

my place setting at the meal! gorgeous little chocolate apple favours :o)

another picture of me and my lesbian lover!

aaaaaaaaaaaand before i end this post i know what your thinking 'you cant wear white to a wedding etc etc..'


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