Sunday, 2 September 2012

everyone is leaving!

so cait is moving to canada for a year and she left last week! (this is a delayed blog post!) so last wednesday alex was beginning to move her things into her new uni house so we all decided to stay over and go out in manchester! it was such a good night because almost all of us managed to come :o) i was hammered, probably due to rach force feeding me vodka jelly and straight vodka shots which i NEVER usually drink unless i dont want to make it out....anyway we eneded up in birdcage which was CRAWLING with 15 year old my faveourite! onlyyyyy kidding it was horrendous but i had an amazing night due to the company!

cait, emma and me

me being drunk and annoying in the taxi (shock)

we didnt manage to get a photo of all 9 of us so here is another photo of me! hahaha
then on monday night it was nialls leaving do because hes going travelling in thailand! his band played at soyo which i actually loved! i was the first one in the mosh pit! (okay im obviously joking....a bit of head banging may have happened though) OKAY so i was too drunk to know what was going on but i had a really good night! getting up for work at 9 the next day however NOT so great! :| in my defence though...a glass of long island ice tea was £5.50 and a whole PITCHER was £ i make the obvious choice!
moshino belt making a little appearance here! ;)
gonna miss you guys!

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  1. Love your blog miss! And all your funny stories