Wednesday, 29 August 2012

long awaited....marbella 2012!

okayyyy so first of all i would like to apologise for taking so long to write this post! but i have been super busy recently! i cant believe i have been home for almost a month it was literally the most amazingggg 10 days of my life! there was 9 of us, so as you can imagine there was never a dull moment! and cait is going to canada for a year so it was nice to spend some quality time before she left us!
we arrived on monday morning, so we had a full day of sunbathing, had a bbq for dinner and then went into puerto banus! the clubs are soooo different to any other destination iv been with friends, (napa, magaluf etc) SO much more glamorous which i loveeeeeeeed! we all ended up splitting up and me and freya hitch hiked home with this creepy man who had his 4 year old daughter in the back... so maybe in hindsight we shouldnt have done in but i was veeeeeeeeeeeeryyyyy drunk and we got home safe so thats all that matters! ended the night with a bit of skinny dipping at 6am....obviously getting off to a good start with the neighbours!

gettin sweaty in linekars

tuesday night we happened to bump into proudlock and jamie from made in chelsea who were also on holiday in marbs! proudlock is the cutestttt and they are both so small! i met a group of pornstars who would not stop haraassing me all night which was slightly annoying but we managed to escape them when we hit TIBU! my faveouriteeee club in the world heres a few photos from the night!
no actual idea what the fuck we are all doing...

ignore the fact i look horrendous but proudlock!

me and ma baby cait!
and again!
okayyyy wednesday we decided to have a little stroll into the port in marbella which was cute, sooo many little trinket shops selling the same stuff but AS PER i end up spending loads on random shit that i dont actually like...we went to tibu again and i had an amazing night! i cant really tell any particularly fun or intresting stories about any of our nights out because they are either too explicit for blogspot or i cant remember! hahaha so here are some more pictures!
my amazing aqua bodysuit which i absolutley adore!


the grudge came on holiday with us....look in the middle...
on thursday we stayed in like a bunch of patriotic losers to watch the olympic opening ceremony! i was only excited to see the spice girls and they WERENT EVEN ON :|
friday we went to sala beach for the love juice pool party! i was extremely drunk before we even set off so i cant remember ANYTHING ... only flashbacks from photo evidence! obvious sign of an amazing day! the next day we went to another pool party at nikki beach which i also cant remember, so il just post photos from both days! i love how drinking throughout the whole day is always acceptable on holiday!


on monday night we went to hope and chrissys apartment to pre-drink, and played ring of fire... to those who have never played basically its just a card drinking game which gets you extremelyyyy drunk! the rules are hilarious too so its perfect to play when there is a few of you! we went to a club called seven and got a vip table with free drinks allllll night, its also a shisha bar which i love! and one of the sports teachers from my college was in there aswell sooo weird!

tuesday night i got spiked! luckily i had all my friends there who looked after me and took me home, when they tell me the stories about how i was acting they are pretty hilarious but obviously not at the time! spanish ambulances are creepy!
loved my hair this night!

ballin with mikey fisher!

just being a classy per! ;)
on our last night there was a fucking taxi strike so we had to walk for an HOUR into marbs which was hellllll and then an hour home! but i would much rather have done that than stayed in again!

the plane journey home was extremely depressing as you can imagine!
i can honestly say it has been the bestttt holiday i have had and cant wait to return next year! 10 days is just not enough im thinking of working the season! marbs 4 lyfffffff

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  1. Ha I actually loved this post... spesh the casual porn stars stalking you!
    Love your hair also!

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