Friday, 20 July 2012

date night!

first of all LOOK WHAT HAS ARRIVED! my beloved moschino belt! and i can honestly say it is the new of my life and i never want to take it off! now all i need is a pair of louboutins and i can die a happy woman ;)

back to the point of this blog post! last night was date night! whenever i go out for dinner or to the cinema or for drinks etc i call it date night whether im with male or female company! im not gonna say who the lucky person was for now in case a certin group of weird stalkers are reading hahahaa.... anywaaayyy i didnt have much time to get ready after work so i just put my heated rollers in for an hour before i left for a low curl effect....
and after! i think it looked super cute especially because my hair is so long!

im feeling so good right now it feels like everything is finally going right! i had loads more money in my bank account than i thought, my new job is going amazingly and im hitting all my targets, i love my new house and housemates, and i have 2 more shifts before my HOLIDAYYYY!!! OH and also the swimsuit i was dying for on ASOS which has been sold out since forever FINALLY appeared back in stock this week so i managed to order! i sware i have never been so quick on the laptop! its incredible and i can now wait to show it off in marbs.
nails are booked in for tommorow after work, gonna spend tommorow eve packing, then back to preston sunday to get my hair done and setting off monday night!

this will most likely be my last blog till after marbs so dont miss me too much! and i will make sure to take hundreds and thousands of photos to bore you all with when im back!
MWAH! xoxoxoxox


  1. So jealous you are going to Marbella...
    Can't wait to see the photos :)

    JS Beauty & Style... GIVEAWAY RUNNING


  2. I cant wait for marbs photos, have a beaut time! xxxx