Wednesday, 18 July 2012

recent purchases!

HOW AMAZING IS THIS DRESS!!?!!?!? i have been in love with this little number ever since someone came into my work wearing it, it looks a million times better when worn as opposed to on the hanger! its extremely bodycon and in the dark the orange turns fluro and the nude is hardly noticeable so you kind of look naked but also incredible!! i love the cut out back aswell! in my opinion backs are one of the sexiest parts of your body to show off so this is perfect! (only tanned smooth backs mind!) i need to find a suitable bra for this then i promise to blog about it and take lots of pictures!
its by 'dress up' and it was originally £50 from topshop, but i couldnt find it anywhere, until i went to visit my friend sam in liverpool and i found ONE in the sale for £25! obviously i grabbed it but when i tried it on at home it was too big! devastatinggg....until yesterday when i went holiday shopping to meadowhall and by chance (cough cough) popped into topshop and literally nearly died when i found this dress in a 10! it was the only one there and when i took it to the counter it had been reduced again to a measley little £12! so with student discount it was only £10.80! from £50! its fate...god just wants me to wear this dress!

i also bought this little number, cant say im a huuuge fan of the green against the red but it was £9! it turns out that the 12 is too big for me so iv put it on ebay if anyones interested! iv seen them selling for around £25 so a cheeky little profit is on the cards!
i also bought lots of other clothes but i will blog about them when i wear them, i donnt want to bore you with endless photos of bracelets and bikinis!

in other news....
monday morning i was confronted with this....
i finally had moved all my things into my new room...and i was literally hanging clothes for half an hour and NOTHING had changed.....however 3 hours later....

et-voila! i will be a perfect housewife one day! obviously it was never gonna stay like this was it though hahaha, 2 days later and its a mess again....not to mention all the new clothes i have bought recently :| and then i have that ever re-occuring issue of NEVER having enough hangers.....fuck sakeeeee

and heres a little mirror pic to finish off your wednesdsay evenings nicely! hahaha, fur and leather, one of my faveourite combinations :o)

4 more shifts at work before marbella!


  1. that red dress is gorgeous babe! i tend to shy away from strapless numbers though - but im gonna have a looky at your ebay page and may be tempted!


  2. Both of those dresses are gorgeous! And both ridiculously cheap. Topshop has SO much in the sale at the moment doesn't it!?