Sunday, 15 July 2012


little clue.....see picture above.

yes thats right my amazing mother bought me a laptop so as long as i dont get drunk and stamp all over this one then i am back on the blogosphere! thanks so much for all your twitter messages about enjoying my blog it makes me so much more keen to update! and i promise to be a better blogger from now on :o)

ANYYWAAAYYYY so much has happened since i last updated, i am now 20 for a start!no longer a teenager which is pretty depressing :o( i have also moved into my new student house which i LOVE! its a lot smaller than the last because there is only 4 of us living here as opposed to 8, which makes it a million times more cosy! im living solo atm though which is weird! but i cant wait for my housemates to move in! i also have got another job! its at o2, and even though its soooo tough learning literally every possible thing about a phone, i love my colleages which makes work fun! and having too jobs is definatleyyyy good for my bank account! ballinnnn $$$$$$$$$

i went shopping with my mum in manchester last monday, and we ate at red hot buffet! has anyone else ever been? it was my second ever time there, and i cant wait to go back! it is this huuuuuuuge restaurant with the biggest buffet you have ever seen with food from every country in the world! and its all you can eat! warning will come out 2 stone heavier than you did when you went in! NOT good when im going to marbella in 8 days! oopssss...
this is the bathroom! GLAMMEST thing i have ever seen!

and can someone please explain to me why i have only just started to use this? one word....AMAZING. its glides onto my skin so easily and the matte fluid stops any potential unwanted skinyness! (is that even a word?!) i know what your thinking...its veeerryyy dark hahaahaa perfect for natural tans like mine (cough cough.)

this is what i wore to manchester, i am in love with eveerrryyyything peplum right now its just so fun! currently on the lookout for peplum pencil skirts so if you see any then holler!

casual glass of champers with my cheesy chips after work....classy bitch.

feels good to be back!


  1. Yay you're back! Love the peplum. Congrats on the new job! xx

  2. Peplum skirts = ASOS! Well done on the new job :)

  3. peplum skirts at - got to be done


  4. Ha I love this post. Totally agree with you on the foundation too! The stuff is a godsend!

    JS Beauty Blog.


  5. your blog is absolutely gorgeous((((:

    Wanna follow each other? let me know: follow me and I will follow you back!


    1. heyyy thankyou! id rather you just follow my blog if you enjoy it rather than doing things like follow for follow, i want people to follow my blog because they enjoy reading it as opposed to just being a follow back!