Friday, 11 May 2012

i cant believe its my birthday on wednesday!

i usually love birthdays, but im dreading this one because i really dont want to be 20! it just sounds so old and grown up and non of those words appeal to me whatsoever! i AM however looking forward to 1- presents! 2- spending time with my closest friends and 3- getting rediculously drunk!
i am planning on getting into the same state i was in on thursday night, heres a gorgeous photo my housemate took of me at about 4am
in my defence, drinks were 80p....enough said.

im also SO excited forrr....birthday cake! its gonna be weird not being at home this year for it cos my parents usually make such a fuss of the cake, so im PRAYING my housemates (if you are reading this) get me one! heres some inspiration for you jess/laura/freya/joanne/vicky..........

or even better, a huuuuge cake wheeled up to me with pharrell williams bursting out of it? im not asking too much am i? really??

knowing my friends though im more likely to recieve this-

aaaanyway after a boringggg weekend of work and revision for my exam on tuesday (predicted fail as i cant seem to concentrate for longer than 20 seconds) i am planning on getting wreckedddd tuesday night with my coursemates, then on my birthday im going out for dinner with my housemates :o) and then for cocktails at my work, then to leedsssss on friday for the sickest house party ever! i will probably stay there for a few days and then back to preston to see my girls and hit up alton towers and welcome in summer!

life is sweeetttt!


  1. I actually love this post lmao! just to let you know I have nominated you for a versatile award :)

  2. Ahaha well happy early birthday :) 20 isn't so bad ;) Want to follow each other lovely? Let me know!

    Belle De Jour