Sunday, 6 May 2012

the last 2 weeks of my life!

wow blogspot has changed a LOT and i am struggling to work the html codes! im not the sharpest tool in the box when it comes to html but this is a jokeeee i cant even put my photos in the right order :| iv been trying to drag and drop for the last half an hour now, and i only got my laptop back yesterday and im already tempted to launch it at the wall! aaaaaaanyway, heres the last 10 days in pictures! xxxxx

last minute night out to leadmill on monday, iv only been twice before and not had very good experiences but i had suuuuch a good night! and only spent £15 too which is a hugeeee rarity for me!

wore my new cropped top to carver street on thursday with the girls. this night started so well but ended HORRENDOUSLY as i had a horrible encounter with my physco stalker and he spat in my face so iv had to get a restraining order on him, i wont go into too much detail because the whole situation just makes me feel sick and angry and upset.

matte black nails! ignore my ugly thumb cuticle but i think these are so hot!

attended the fashion show at menzels with my friend alex, i straightened my hair for the first time in about 2 years, weeeeird! we bailed on the show halfway through and went to viper room and got smashed instead! i had a presentation worth 40% of my module at 8am the next day aswell....i got a third :| standard.

my parents came up yesterday to take me out for my EXTREMELY early birthday meal, (11 days early :| ) because i wont be able to see them from now until the end of the month because they fly to new york on the 15th may and its my birthday on the 16th :o( they took me to my faveourite place relish! my jeans are from topshop and my cropped top is river island, my hair was still curly from thursday night!

 i got this amazinggg milkshake, i dont even care about how many calories were in it...incred!

this is niall, ellie, jason and i at work! i have worked ALL bank holiday weekend boo hoo :o( i worked friday at abuelo and met my future husband, he is tall and hot and a rugby player YES! currently on crutches with a broken leg but thats only temporary ;) saturday i was back at menzels and it was craazzzyy! loads of guys i know came in though and bought me loads of drinks and kept me entertained for the night which made things a lotttt funner....not looking forward to bank holiday tonight though! 10 hour shift is gonna be killerrrrrrrrr

like i said, all my photos are not in order so this is another random snap from last thursday! sam, katie and i  xoxoxo

THIS IS WHAT I HAVE TO DEAL WITH FOR 2 WHOLE WEEKS!!! like i said i wont be seeing my parents on my birthday, so they have given me their presents almost 2 weeks early! how on earthhh am i supposed to stop myself opening these bad boys! willpower claudia willpower...!!!

hope everyone having a fun weekend!


  1. your hair colour looks amazing in the picture where it's straight,

    1. thanks! it was nice to have a change, im still a slave to my heated rollers though! xxxx

  2. wow your just flawless looking, I really like your sense of style :) x

  3. Hey Claudia,

    LOVED you in Sorority Girls!

    How do you get your hair in that high messy bun? I have been trying to do it for ages but am clueless!

    Thanks! X

    1. thanks babe! its literally just a high ponytail which i havent fully pulled out the last loop, then just fan it out! xxxxxxx