Monday, 2 April 2012


Soooo, on sunday evening i went to see my home boy drake! it was such an amazing day/night because FIRSTLY i was going with my beautiful friend liss and her 8 housemates and i havent seen her in FOREVER so i was waaaaay too overexcited about that. the warmup act i thought was going to be labrinth but instead it was rita ora (hot right now) and she was HORRENDOUS. she performed like 3 songs and i dont think anyone in the crowd even batted an eyelid never mind go mental for her! she had to mention drake every 2 seconds to get a reaction from anyone it was so cringe to watch! soz rita. on the other hand drake was unreaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllll! he did everything from his album and also 'best i ever had' which is my faveouriteeee track off the old album!
the crowd was going insaneeee throughout his whole set and i think i sweated my makeup off about 4 times...NOT pretty. oh and speaking of pretty i have never seen so many beautiful people in one place in my life ever WOW.
i was too excited to be taking photos but now i really wish i did cos all the girls looked gorgeousssss! we spent today just lounging on the sofa eating a dominos feast and just being lazy. i dont think i have laughed that hard in ages i am so excited to go back! :o)

gonna tick loads off my to-do list tommorow before returning back to preston on wednesday till sunday cos i have to workkk :o(
whats everyone elses easter holiday plans?


  1. I was there yesterday too ! I agree...So much talent in manchester as well ha ! Aghh how amazing was he!! I also agree wit your rita comment ... She was ruuuubbisshh! Xoxo

  2. Hi just to let you know I linked you in my blog appreciation awards as your blog is one of my faves! xx