Saturday, 21 April 2012


iv only been to uni once this week oopsss! which is pretty bad considering i have an essay due in two weeks time and i dont even know what the question is, and an exam next month on a topic i know NOTHING about :|
moving onto a more positive note i have had such a fun week! obviously monday was sarahs 21st, then on wednesday i went to see 'cabin in the woods' with sam, i love going to see horror films, but then instantly regret it when im out of the cinema and not being able to sleep alone for the next two months! anyway i really enjoyed this film! i wont say what happens and ruin it for anyone whos wanting to go and see it but il just say the ending is SHIT.
thurday i hit up carver street with my housemates! we all had the drunkest night everrrrrrr but it was amazing from what i remember! heres a photo of me and jess-

rocking the bindi once again!

on friday me, greg, and freya went for huuuuge carvery to get rid of our hangovers, which backfired massively in my face cos i ate too much and threw up, then for some stupiddd reason ordered dessert and threw that up too! lovely.

last night at work it was tonys birthday (the owner of the cocktail bar i work at) so there was a fire dancer and she was INCREDIBLE! almost set fire to the roof which would have been hilarious but she was SO good its made me want to learn to eat fire or something!

tonight its conors birthday so hes having a bit of a house party then hitting town! im excited because i get to wear my slutty blazer again (which i think is quite classy to be fair but obviously not hahaha!) and i get to spend more time with my faveourite boys!

il try and take photos!

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