Tuesday, 17 April 2012

sarah disney themed 21st!

dont you think the bin just makes this photo!?! this is what i wore in the end! i was just a generic princess, but of a poor effort compared to some of the other girls who bought their costumes and looked amazingggg but i guess my ego is too big to go all out! oh wellllllllllll! i ended up absolutley slaughtered and cant really remember any of the bars we went to but i had a really fun night! it was good to be out with all my coursemates too! heres a few photos from last night :o)

i bought sarah a cute little disney balloon to fit the theme!

sam and i, as you can tell she tried alot harder than me on the costume front....shes belle and i think i came home looking like the beast...
another A* costume from naomi! she looked so cute as the little mermaid...wig and everything!

FUN SUCKERS in the form of lewis and jordan...no effort involved shame on you

you can just see tim peeking over on the right he dressed as mickey mouse! so cutee

i have about a thousand photos of me and pat on my phone hahaha...models in the making for sure

and for some reason i took this when i got home! as you can see the crown lasted the whole night, impressive!



  1. Aww you looks stunning! I love your dress :)



  2. That dress looks so good on you :) You are a stunner xx

  3. I love the dress its such a nice colour and compliments your tan x


  4. Absolutely loved your dress :) and i loved the Disney Princess theme :3 I'm a new follower :) Please come check out my blog :)