Tuesday, 24 April 2012

my first haul! topshop & boots

sooo i see people doing hauls all the time but i always forget to take photos of whatever im buying before i wear or use it! and i buy a LOT of stuff so im gonna try my hardest to do this more often! anyway today i went into town with the intention of buying ONE dark foundation for when i go out cos i have just recently run out...and as well as the foundation i picked up all this too! (oops!)

the tea tree skin care set was on 3 for 2 so i picked up the foaming facewash which i have loved for ages, the exfoliating scrub and the makeup wipes. im lucky in the way that i have never had acne or bad breakouts or bad skin altogether so i can get away with using any products! the aussie hair products were also on 3 for £10 so i picked up the volumising shampoo and conditioner and the 3 minute miricle leave in conditioner, my mum uses this and it is AMAZING! my hair is in shit condition at the moment from getting highlights and curling the shit out of it every night with my heated rollers every night..not to mention to litre of hairspray i use every day! i have recently been choosing 17 photo flawless foundation, basically because its the darkest one i can find without actually buying a foundation intended for black people! i use it on its own on nights out, because i tan my body the same colour, or mix it with a lighter foundation for daytime. rimmel sunshimmer is pretty self explanitory, i love it! and i couldnt live without eyelure in number 145, i have been wearing them every day for years!

i also picked up this cute little tutu skirt and pale blue crop tshirt from topshop, i think im gonna wear them tommorow night when i go out with my coursemates, i feel like a doll! cuuuuute :o)


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  1. Ahh the tutu and the top will look adorable together :3 I live by the Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Line & the Rimmel Tan is one of my favoritesss :) great haul!