Saturday, 14 April 2012

back in sheffield!

i had an amazingggg 2 weeks at home for the easter holidays! its the longest iv been able to go home for since september because of my job here and all but it was just so good to be back with all the girls again! i got back to sheffield yesterday and worked last night which turned out to be such a good shift! i started the baby food diet yesterday where basically im eating babyfood twice a day and one human food meal! and drinking a hell of a lot of green tea! today is day 2 and im still going strong! iv also booked to get my teeth laser whitened again tommorow even though people always comment on my teeth anyway i just always have to go overboard hahaha, i want to blind people with them!
also im going to my coursemates 21st on monday, and the dress theme is 'disney'. usually i am not a massive fan of fancy dress to go out in because i feel a bit of a twat, but i cant be the one turning up in normal clothes and looking like the boring one so im gonna make the effort! even though i will probably end up getting hammered and being taken home about 1 anyway. (shock) i asked my followers on twitter for inspiration and the majority of replies i got were either princess jasmine or pocahontas (im guessing due to my skin tone bahahahaha) but even then i dont know what to wear!?!?!? my brothers girlfriend suggested a beige dress and feather for pocahontas but WHO even owns beige clothing?!?!?! eurgh! so i was thinking maybe this-
ignore the fact my eyes are closed hahaha, this dress with a headband on with feather sticking up off it??? like native indian? kind of a pathetic attempt but i still wanna look half decent!

or perhaps this dress (my poor effort at trying to photograph the open back ahaha)
its a baby pink jones and jones dress with a kind of tutu-y skirt so it looks quite princessy, and maybe i could just get a crown and be a generic princess?!? or is that lame?

if all else fails i was thinking of wearing my black disco pants, black leotard and white blazer with my fur stole, and spraying half my hair white and being cruelle deville? that is pretty risky as i know i would lose my fur stole (which i would cry about) and end up looking like iv come out dressed normally but just had a nightmare with a bottle of dry shampoo???!

if anyone has any ideas they will be appreciated!
il make sure to take photos!


  1. Those ideas are actually good! I think you should do the pocahontas one. But for Jasmine you'd need to have wavy hair, a blue boob tube and blue harem pants :/

  2. that second dress is stunning! i really want it!!!

  3. wheres the first dress from?? plz reply! xx