Monday, 9 April 2012

easter holidaysss!

so on wednesday i came back home to preston for the easter holidays! i love coming home because even though i love the independance of uni life, i miss my mum! and of course the rest of my family and my friends! on thursday me and one of my best friends livvie went to manchesterrr to get outfits for her birthday night out on saturday..

heres me just being a gimp in the car....standard.

i bought this little number from american apparel, its completley backless which i loveeeeee!

we had a really successfull day of shopping so we decided to go out that night too! hayls came round and we drank a LOT of rose before hitting revs, which i havent been to for about a year! most dramatic night in agessss which it pains me to say i cant write about on here cos its very explicit hahahaha! but basically it involves me being a twat! (shocker!)

i bought this nude blazer from topshop on thursday too which i ADORE! the money fairy must have been nice to my bank because i have no idea where i am getting this money from! i wore it with no bra (riskyyyyy) and just put an absolute TON of tit tape on to make sure the girls stayed firmly under wraps! or things could have gotten embarassing.. :|

heres a better photo of my outfit, and my best friend sarah! xxx

just making sure they are still there....

sarah tithers and i xoxox

i wish we had gotten a full group photo but we were all too drunk! heres some boys we met out and about 3/4 of the girls! we were out in poulton which was errm....different! i wouldnt recommend it to anyone else really but the complany made it such fun night! xoxox

opened my easter presents early oopsss! my mum always makes the cutest effort with me and my brothers, but over everything else i got i thought these were the cutest!!! tiny little lindt animals :o)

my brother drove me back to sheffield yesterday and i had to work bank holiday sunday at the cocktail bar which was EFFORT! i was at the smaller bar of the two so that made everything lots easier! although i sliced two of my fingers open on a martini glass and i have never seen so much blood! literally splurting everywhere i think im lucky to be alive! must have lost at LEAST a galleon....but i lived to tell the tale. anyway im back in preston now until friday!
hope everyones having a good easter!


  1. wow love the backless top! you looked lush xxx

  2. Replies
    1. thankyou! it was a good find! xxxx

  3. Replies
    1. thankyou im obsessed with it! xxxxx

  4. Love the blazer! DO you were extensions? if so what ones?x

    1. thanks baby! and no its all my own ;) xxxxx