Thursday, 15 March 2012

LEEDS! And my little visit back home!

SO last friday i travelled back to leeds to stay with my faveourite little bunch of housemates in headingley! marko and ethan (who i only properly met that night but instantly fell in love with) were dj'ing at mint club that night, which is a pretty big and exciting thing! i had suchhhh a good night! the afterparty was held in their basement and the two headlining djs phil weeks and dj w!ld came to play which WOULD have been amazing if i had got to spend any time down there! instead i was in the lounge listening to a certain someone harp on about their life comment. even though i lost all sense of time and day from friday-sunday i ended up having an insanely mint weekend! are a few photos from the night/day/whatever

sam in a coma february being ever the photo opportunist

re-enactment of sam in a coma march 2012

photography by THIS GUY (see below)

im sorry but if you dont laugh at this photo then you do not have a sense of humour. IT. IS. HILARIOUS.
(love you chris hehehehe)
check out his photography hereeee:
(i dont know how to do links yet sorry!)

ignore my square head kthnx.

ANYWAAYYYY sunday night i went back to little preston and was greeted by my cute little mum at the station! it feels goooooooooood to be waited on hand and foot again and NOT have to cook for myself!
look at my kitten monkeybaby waiting patiently for his dinner hahahahahaahahahaha
naptime with monkeybaby! sooooooooooooooo cute

it was also so good to see my girls from home! went out monday night with sarah and livvie and got hideeeeeeeeeously drunk. then tuesday night sarah cooked us all dinner which was cute :o)

dont know why i decided to bring these glasses back to sheffield with me, they are actually prescription so they make me blind when i have them on but i just thought they looked cute!
this is my brother callum! ....and then me just $waggin

bit of a cringe pic but everyone keeps asking me to do day/night makeup posts and this is pretty much day!

NOW i have to get back to the reality of my cold scary student house/having to spend my own money/ cooking for myself again/ not having a personal chauffeur to drive me everywhere oh and actually GO to uni this week!


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  1. lovely cat :)
    I love your blog. would you like to follow each other?