Sunday, 4 March 2012

date night!

this is going to sound extremely sad, but since i got a ton of new clothes recently, i have been planning outfits for different occasions (loser), this one in particular being a date night outfit! i saw the blouse on alex curran aggggessss ago and i recently bought it on ebay in a beauuuutiful butterscotch colour. i wore it with matte leather look leggings from from topshop and my new carvela babies matched perfectly because they are black and gold!
anyway i finalllyyy got the chance to wear this outfit on saturday night! i had the night off work and a friend took me out for dinner at a cute little italian called strada. i wouldnt call it a 'date' to be fair, because it was just two friends out for dinner which was nice :o) especially because i have turned from being suicidal about being single last being a cold hearted snake this year and hating ANYTHING romantic! a boyfriend is definatley not on the cards at least till i finish uni!....(unless he is EXTREMELY hot...and takes me on holiday)
afterwards i went to menzels (a cocktail bar where i work) for 'a few' drinks, which turned into about three zombies and redic amounts of champagne! we were sat in a booth upstairs with three guys who kept buying bottle after bottle of champs (their tab bill came to over £300 oopsss) so you can imagine the state i was in! i had one of the best nights in agesss, i just love being in that environment with expensive things and older people, makes SUCH a nice change to sweaty student nights drinking 80p vodka mixers!


obviously not the best photo of me bahahaha but this looked so much better in person! (blowing my own trumpet but whatevs) oh and ignore the fact i look clinically obese and that i have about 26 toes on each foot.

casual snog hahahahaahahah
zombie.....cause of death

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